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Powerhouse Products GM LS OEM Rocker Arm Trunnion Upgrade Tool

Memphis, TN – This new LS rocker trunnion install tool from Powerhouse Products provides a quick and consistent way to assemble and disassemble LS rockers.

54702-TL The LS Rocker Trunnion Install Tool was carefully designed to simplify the trunnion upgrade process of today, and it is compatible with all stock LS rocker geometry. The tool can be used with an arbor press, bench vise and c-clamp, making it the most versatile option on the market for upgrading stock LS rockers.

It features a precision-machined, cylindrical steel construction that is plated for corrosion resistance to increase tool life. The tool also comes with a centering die to ensure consistent bearing placement and includes an embedded magnet for one-handed assembly. Powerhouse engineers have designed the tool to allow an LS rocker trunnion upgrade in less than 30 minutes. A complete kit featuring the popular COMP Cams LS Trunnion Upgrade Kit and trunnion upgrade tool is also available by ordering part no. 13702TL-KIT.


Quick Facts

Product: Powerhouse Products GM LS OEM Rocker Arm Trunnion Upgrade Tool
Part Number: #54702-TL
Street Price: $34.95

Social Media Pitch: The Powerhouse Products  GM LS OEM Rocker Arm Trunnion Upgrade Tool simplifies the installation process for LS trunnion upgrades

 Features & Benefits:

  • Compatible w/ equipment commonly found in shops to make upgrading stock LS rockers easy
  • Utilizes centering die for consistent bearing placement
  • Embedded magnet allows for one-handed assembly
  • Compatible w/ all stock rocker geometry; allows for LS rocker trunnion upgrades in less than 30 mins.
  • Kits available by ordering part no. 13702TL-KIT

View the PDF here: Powerhouse Products GM LS OEM Rocker Arm Trunnion Upgrade Tool