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Quarter Master Driveline University Video: Clutch Basics

Lake Zurich, IL – The latest video from the driveline experts at Quarter Master helps viewers better understand exactly how a clutch is put together and how it works.

Enroll at Driveline University as COMP Performance Group host Lauren Rosado teaches viewers all about clutch basics. This informative video defines common clutch-related terms like MOI and torque capacity, and it demonstrates how selecting a clutch is all about compromise. The video also features a variety of essential clutch terminology. Each part of the clutch appears on screen as helpful narration explains exactly what the part is and what it’s used for. As a result, viewers are sure to have a better of understanding of complicated clutch components in only four minutes. All videos from Quarter Master and the rest of the COMP Performance Group family are available at www.cpgnationtv.com

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 Clutch BasicsVideo: Driveline University: Clutch Basics

 Social Media Pitch: Driveline University: Clutch Basics is presented by Quarter Master to explain ins & outs of clutch choice; watch at: http://bit.ly/1lk5bSZ

 Direct Link: http://bit.ly/1lk5bSZ

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