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Speed Secrets: 6.0 Truck Motor: LS3 Cam vs. Comp Cam!

There’s swapping the cam, then there’s a cam swap – but what’s the difference? In one instance, you are likely talking about swapping from one cam to another, but when you talk about a cam swap, what you’re usually talking about is making a serious upgrade to an aftermarket cam that puts your engine is a better position to make power. 

When it comes to cam swaps in your LS-based engine, be it a 4.8-liter, 5.3-liter, 5.7-liter, or 6.0-liter, you’ve got a world of options. GM offered their own factory upgrades for these engines, or you can open your project up to thousands of options in the aftermarket cam world. The factory upgrade comes with its benefits, and it will make a little power, but those grinds don’t come close to the kind of COMP Cams camshafts used in this 6.0-liter cam swap. 

The test 6.0-liter truck engine being used as a test mule in this video gets both cams, and thrown on the dyno. It also has FAST fuel injectors, FAST fuel injectors, a FAST XFI management system, and a set of long tube headers. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 5.16.53 PM

With the stock camshaft, the 6.0-liter engine made 443-horsepower and 467 lbs/ft of torque. Now that the Speed Secrets team has baseline numbers to work with, they swapped in a factory LS3 camshaft for a boost to a pretty impressive 477-horsepower and 469 lbs/ft of torque – it is worth noting that it lost a bit of torque on the bottom end, 29 lbs/ft to be exact!

Now it’s time for the ‘real’ cam from COMP Cams – using part #54-469-11, the cam has a .617/.624” lift split, 231/247 duration, and 113 LSA, this is a very healthy cam! After installation of the COMP camshaft, the power jumped to 544-horsepower and 492 lbs/ft of torque. So if you’re looking for the big gains, an hearty aftermarket cam from COMP is the way to go!

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