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Speed Secrets: Adding ZEX Nitrous To A Turbo 5.3! HUGE Gains!

Working with the experts at ZEX, two of the funnest parts of building an engine are tested: boost and nitrous! Nitrous is awesome, boost is awesome, but what happens when you combine the two? Double the fun! When it comes to choosing nitrous or boost, the majority of engine builders will opt for one or the other, but why choose when you can have both? Pick both! Now it’s time to learn just why the combination works so well.

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Power adders are all about added oxygen to an engine. The more oxygen you supply to your engine, the more power you’ll make. A turbocharger force feeds your engine more air, while nitrous oxide provides more oxygen through a chemical compound – so even though they do it differently, the result is the same.

The test engine, supplied by Strictly Performance, has a stock bottom end, LST turbo cam from COMP, a FAST LSXR intake manifold, and a set of FAST high-flow fuel injectors. Equipped with a single turbo, the 5.3-liter engine made 674-horsepower and 619 lbs-ft of torque with 6.3 lbs of boost. One equipped with the ZEX nitrous kit and 100-horsepower jetting, the engine makes 802-horsepower and 766 lbs-ft of torque, so that’s an improvement of 125-horsepower – this outcome is not unusual when you combine nitrous and boost!

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