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Speed Secrets: Nitrous on a 427 Small Block!

All engines love nitrous, and owners of those engines love it too – because what’s not to like about it? No matter if it’s a Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Big Block, Small Block, LS, LT,  fuel injected, or carbureted engine, they all respond really well to spray. Whether you have a stock engine, or an engine that’s already built, nitrous takes a good thing and makes it even better!

The team at Speed Secrets really like nitrous, for obvious reasons. Nitrous systems are affordable, a breeze to install, and can offer some insane power numbers to your engine. With the right jetting, nitrous lives up to exactly what it promises – no matter how the engine is setup. To illustrate this concept, the team installed a ZEX perimeter place on a 427 Small Block Chevy. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 1.19.45 PM

The test engine is a stroker SBC, the 11:1 engine has ported heads and a single plane intake – it also has a 292XFI camshaft from COMP. On the dyno, prior to nitrous, the engine produced a whopping 577 horsepower and 526 lbs/ft of torque as the baseline. 

Installation of the ZEX kit on this engine dramatically improved the power output. The dyno results now jumped to 701 horsepower and 753 lbs/ft of torque. It produced a consistent 125+ horsepower gain each time, proving that nitrous does exactly what its supposed to!

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