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Speed Secrets: Richard’s Favorite Big Block Chevy Cams!

It’s time to talk about Big Block Chevy cams on this episode of Speed Secrets – but not just any BBC cam, Richard Holdener talks about his personal favorite BBC camshaft. So what is 

Richard’s go-to camshaft, why does he like it, and what are the real applications? Let’s dig in and talk about some cams!

Everyone has their preferred cam, for one reason or another, or one build or another. For a Big Block Chevy engine, the COMP Cams 300BR-14 is an exceptional choice — that represents the grind number, the COMP part number in their catalog is #11-694-8. This is a camshaft that was originally intended to be used in blower and turbo applications, so it was designed for boost. However, the Speed Secrets team have run the cam on virtually any and all BBC sets with great results. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 11.56.52 AM

This camshaft has .652” lift on both the intake and the exhaust, it also offers a 255/262 duration split, and 114 LSA. Sure, it’s not the biggest, wildest cam in the world, but whatever the team at Speed Secrets has put it in, it always performs. From naturally aspirated, to nitrous and turbo applications, you can see how well this camshaft performs on the dyno. 


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