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Speed Secrets: Unleashing That Coyote Kenne Bell Magic!

The Coyote engine is one of the most potent modern engines available on the market. Even though the displacement is ‘only’ a 5.0-liter engine, it hits very hard against its Camaro and Dodge competition. Not to mention, the technology and design allows for amazing performance potential when it comes to modifications. When Mustang owners are looking for a major bump in horsepower, Kenne Bell superchargers can offer a lot of gains, for not  a lot of work. 

These bolt-on kits offer Mustang owners the chance to pick up 225 horsepower to the rear wheels, and then some – and the kits come in larger varieties for people looking for the ultimate in power, and there’s also a 50 state legal option for those in ultra restrictive states. Ranging from the 2.8-liter to 4.7-liter, each blower is made with a billet casing, an efficient rotator pack, and massive rear inlets. 

The kit itself is setup to both make and handle power, from 1000 to 2000 horsepower to be exact. It gets exceptional efficiency from Liquid Cooling, which is additional the air-to-water intercooler in the kid, and is made to balance out massive temperature differential between the cold and hot sides of the blower.

Thanks to the kit, everything is there that you need to crank up the boost to make more horsepower. In a recent dyno test, the Kenne Bell supercharger took a stock internal automatic 2016 Mustang to an incredible 970 horsepower. If the car was a stick shift, it would be more around 1000 rear wheel horsepower due to less parasitic drivetrain loss. The bottom line is, the Coyote engine loves boost! 

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