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Speed Secrets: Upgrade an LS2 Crate Engine

While a camshaft, cylinder head, or intake manifold upgrade alone on an LS2 will get you decent power gains, the combination of all three is even better. Richard Holdener from Speed Secrets and the guys from Comp Cams team up to go all in on an LS2.

Before upgrading the LS2 Crate motor, the team needs to establish a baseline for the test and before doing that a few modifications are in order. The team installed a Fast 92mm throttle body, followed by a set of Fast 75-Lb injectors to supply the fuel for the upgraded power output and as a final step dialed everything in with a Fast XFI ECU management system.

On the dyno the stock LS2 Crate motor made a baseline of 461 HP @ 6,100 RPM and 455 Lb-Ft of torque @ 4,800 RPM. The 6.0L is off to a good start, as those are solid numbers for a stock LS2. Now that the engine is prepared for the upgrades, the team then replaces the stock cam with a Comp 54-469-11 camshaft with a .617/.624 lift, 231/247 duration, and a 113 LSA. 

TEA ported 243 heads that featured a valve spring upgrade, topped with a Fast 92mm LSX intake, are next on the list, and then back to the dyno. Now making 560 HP and 494 Lb-Ft of torque, the 6.0L LS2 Crate Motor gained nearly 100 HP. 

One great thing about an LS2 6.0L engine is how responsive it is to modifications. A camshaft upgrade alone is worth a lot of power but as Richard and the Comp team proved, the results of using the right camshaft in conjunction with ported heads and a Fast intake manifold on an LS2 crate motor, really do speak for themselves.