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Speed Secrets: What Makes Nitrous So Amazing?

Nitrous has a high level of versatility, and is just generally pretty awesome. In this episode of Speed Secrets, the team works with the guys over at ZEX to demonstrate just why and how this gas is so useful for engine builders and racers. 

The first key characteristic about nitrous on the awesome scale is how much bang you get for the buck when you use it. When it comes to value, nothing even comes close to how much power you get for the money when using a nitrous kit. Even with the cheaper kits, you can get 100-150 horsepower, and if you spend a little more on a kit, you can get 300-500 (or more) extra horsepower at your disposal. 

Another factor that attracts people to nitrous is the absolute ease of installation. Whether you have a fuel injected or carbureted engine, ZEX has you covered. On a carb engine, the plate simply sits in between the intake and carb. On an EFI engine, it’s a simple matter of drilling a hold in the throttle body. It’s all just a matter of installing a few lines and a few wires!

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If you love versatility like we do, then nitrous is for you because that’s another key factor about this magical juice. Yes, it’s affordable and easy to install, but it’s affordable and easy for virtually any application you can think of, and then there’s the factor of universal kits that means you can make this work on just about any engine. 

When it comes to the team’s test engines, the 5.3-liter got exactly the shot it was given (in power) throughout the curve with the proper jetting. When it came to the carbureted 427 LSX engine, it got the exact same results! Bottom line: Nitrous is awesome!

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