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Engine Swaps – Budget Valve Train Upgrade For LS Engine For LS Engines (COMP Cams)


In the Summer 2012 issue, the team over at Engine Swaps Magazine makes a few performance upgrades to its LS engine with some cost effective products from COMP Cams. Included in the editorial here is the COMP GM LS Retro-Fit Trunion Kit, along with Beehive™ Valve Springs, Hi-Tech™ Pushrods and the GM LS Valve Train Upgrade Kit (Gen III/LS1/LS6) for mild ... Read More »

Latest Trends In Optimizing Camshafts For Forced Induction

From turbo-equipped OEM vehicles straight off the showroom floor, to hot rods and muscle cars featuring huge aftermarket blowers, boost is one of the most popular ways to make added horsepower. Using information provided by Billy Godbold, Valve Train Engineering Group Leader at COMP Cams, we will explain the variety of forced induction systems currently available and the types of ... Read More »

Dean Harvey And COMP Cams Give Drag Racers A Winning Combination


Drag racing has long been one of the cornerstones of the COMP Cams business model. From the company’s early days as a humble cam shop in Memphis, to its current standing as an industry leader in valve train technology, straightliners have helped shape and mold not only the products that COMP offers, but also its image in the performance industry. Whereas ... Read More »

Advantage By Design – The COMP Formula For Success


You can purchase cams from separate manufacturers with identical duration and lift numbers, but more often than not the camshaft from COMP will outperform its twin. That’s not luck. It’s due to the “systems” approach to engineering and manufacturing that COMP engineers pride themselves on. When choosing a cam, the stats in the catalogs can tell you a lot, but ... Read More »

Engine Masters – Bigger, Better, Boost


As part of their Summer 2012 issue, the editorial staff at Engine Masters Magazine (produced by Popular Hot Rodding) adds a turbo to an LS3 stroker engine outputting big horsepower and torque. The power plant features a COMP XFI™ Hydraulic Roller Camshaft, a FAST™ LSXR™ Intake Manifold and a FAST™102mm Big Mouth Throttle Body™. Read about the major horsepower made by ... Read More »

Super Chevy – Here Comes Modern Mouse


Following the Major Mouse and Danger Mouse series of articles that covered all manner of small-block performance, Super Chevy Magazine now brings us the Modern Mouse series. Beginning with a 5.3L (LM7) truck motor, the Modern Mouse series kicks off with a FAST™ XFI™Electronic Fuel Injection System , LSXR™ Manifold, Throttle Body and Fuel Rails, as well as a COMP camshaft. ... Read More »

Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords – Smog-Legal Killer


In the April 2013 issue of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, the editorial staff continues to build their emissions-friendly ’92 SSP coupe. Among other products, a variety of COMP Cams components are used in the project. COMP parts include a boost-friendly camshaft, lifters, a spider valley tray kit, Hi-Tech Pushrods™ and a composite distributor gear. You can read the story by clicking on the link below. ... Read More »

Car Craft – The Turbo Cam Shootout


In their September issue, the editorial staff at Car Craft took the advice of renowned engine builder Kenny Duttweiler to treat a properly sized, high-efficiency turbo engine like a naturally aspirated one. To do so, the team set up experiments in which they installed three different COMP Cams single-pattern hydraulic roller camshafts on a 420c.i. small block stroker with a pair of ... Read More »

The Bigger Mouse-Chevy High Performance


The team at Chevy High Performance has put together a 434c.i. small block stroker engine with the goal of creating a streetable combination that will also make for a good cruiser. To do so they used a COMP Cams Xtreme Energy™ Hydraulic Roller Camshaft, High Energy™ Hydraulic Lifters 1.6 ratio Ultra Pro Magnum™ Rocker Arms a COMP two-piece billet aluminum timing cover and 10W-30 Muscle Car & Street Rod ... Read More »

Uncharted Territory (MMFF)


The editorial staff at Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords recently installed a mid-level boost Coyote Cam from COMP Cams and Cam Phaser Limiters in its 2011 Mustang GT. Read about the performance gains in the 5.0 by clicking on the attachment below. We also encourage you to pick up the March 2012 issue of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords. Click on the link to see the Muscle ... Read More »