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FAST XDi Pro Race Circle Track Distributors Offer The Most Accurate Timing & Maximum Endurance


These distributors are engineered from the inside-out to deliver the precise control and endurance top race teams require. In high-end circle track racing, engines demand the most accurate timing and reliable trigger signals. XDi Pro Race Circle Track Distributors utilize dual optical trigger pickups. The signal from these optical pickups is then synthesized into a common magnetic trigger signal that ... Read More »

Things Roundy Racers Say…


Round and round they go! What’s that announcer saying? Only race fans know! If you’ve spent any time at a track or watching racing, you know the language can be as colorful as the cars themselves. On a bet, we rounded up some racing-related jargon to share. Did we leave any out? Email me: bflannery@compcams.com Also keep an eye out ... Read More »

FAST To Host Circle Track Seminar At 2014 PRI Trade Show


Memphis, TN – Electronic fuel injection has recently come to circle track racing in a big way. FAST™ is leading the charge at the grassroots level and will host a seminar at this year’s PRI Show to educate racers about its unique benefits. In 2013, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series introduced electronic fuel injection in its vehicles for the first ... Read More »

Can EFI Make Saturday Night Racing More Affordable?

Photo 05

Dave Arce has put together a race engine from junkyard parts and an off-the-shelf efi system that is standing toe-to-toe with custom built race engines. By Jeff Huneycutt Photos courtesy Arce Engines NASCAR made waves a couple years ago when it finally introduced electronic fuel injection to its Cup Series engines. Lots of people proclaimed this to be a really ... Read More »

Circle Track: Sprint Car Front Drive Kit For LS Engines


Circle Track Magazine recently examined the new Sprint Car Front Drive Kit for LS engines from COMP Cams and RHS. Click on the attachment below to see how the clean-sheet design allows no-modification installation of a sprint car magneto, water pump and oil pump, and takes LS engines into Sprint Car Racing. We also encourage you to pick up the ... Read More »

Circle Track – Maximum Effort Valve Train


Circle Track takes a look at one of the hardest working valve trains in motorsports — the Late Model Stock — and the tricks some engine builders are taking to push it to its limits. Click on the attachment below to read the full article, or pick up the July 2011 issue of Circle Track magazine. Click on the link ... Read More »

Circle Track – Upgrading The Crate, Part 2


In the August 2012 issue, the editorial staff at Circle Track continues the engine build series where they try to create a competitive Super Street engine from a castoff Chevy crate. The build features a Chevy 604 utilizing a COMP Cams solid flat tappet camshaft, Beehive™ LS Valve Springs, Ultra Pro Magnum™ Steel Rockers and COMP guideplates, along with parts from RHS and Powerhouse Products. Click the link to see the Circle ... Read More »

COMP Cams #26975 Valve Springs


Memphis, TN – New COMP Cams valve springs provide increased control and durability for GM crate circle track applications as well as a variety of Small Block Chevy/Small Block Ford engines. The latest valve springs from COMP Cams are designed as a performance upgrade over stock springs for higher RPM applications. Made from a high-tensile strength chrome silicon steel, the #26975 Valve ... Read More »