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408 Clevor Valve Train Upgrade & Track Results – FordMuscle.com


In this Tech Exchange article I’m going to share my recent decision to upgrade my valve train and back it up with some before and after quarter mile track results. For those who do not know, I run my 65 Ranchero in a few of the NMRA National Series events. Last year was my first time participating and I recently ... Read More »

12 Questions With Gary Henderson Of COMP Cams

From Full Time Racer To Helping Engine Builders Solve Their Valve Train Problems, Gary Henderson Has Done It All During 30+ Years In The Industry Name: Gary Henderson Job Title: Engine Builder Performance Technician At COMP Cams Gary Henderson is a COMP Cams engine performance technician. When master engine builders call for help, it’s Henderson’s job to answer the tough ... Read More »

Facts About COMP Cams You Probably Didn’t Know

Below are some random facts about COMP Cams, its employees and its world class performance products. Take a few minutes to get to know more about the Absolute Leader In Valve Train Technology. The COMP Cams Technical Services Group handles well over 1500 phone calls and hundreds of emails/instant chats each day from 7-8 CST during the week and on Saturday from ... Read More »

Car Culture Is Alive & Well With Our Youth

During a recent trip to the west coast I had one of those “ahhhhh” moments. You know the ones…. usually you’re just minding your own business when everything suddenly becomes crystal clear. It’s like getting hit between the eyes by a 2×4 or slamming the wall backwards at 140+ mph in an ASA racecar (that’s the day I realized there ... Read More »

COMP Cams GM Gen V (LT1/L83/L86) Camshafts

gen v cams 2

Memphis, TN -The first company to offer performance cam upgrades for GM Gen V (LT1, L83 and L86) V8 engines is none other than COMP Cams. Revolutionary GM Gen V Camshafts (LT1/L83/L86) from COMP Cams are designed to work with the direct injection (DI), variable valve timing (VVT) and Active Fuel Management (AFM) lifters featured in GM’s new Gen V V8 ... Read More »

COMP Cams Dual Taper 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods

Pushrods - Dual Taper No Words

Memphis, TN – Dual Taper 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods from COMP Cams are specifically designed for use in high-end race applications and anywhere a larger diameter pushrod is needed to reduce flex, but where fitment clearance is tight. Even the very best valve train will not perform well unless the correct parts are used. The strongest, best-designed pushrod in the ... Read More »

COMP Cams Sportsman Solid Roller Lifters

Sportsman Solid Roller Lifters

Memphis, TN – COMP Cams Sportsman Solid Roller Lifters are premium-quality, high-value components designed for sportsman and professional racing along with high-end street machines. These lifters are available in both needle bearing and bushing configurations. New Sportsman Solid Roller Lifters from COMP Cams are designed to be a premium, re-buildable upgrade over Endure-X™ Lifters and a value alternative to the Elite ... Read More »

COMP Cams GM Gen V (LT1/L83/L86) Sportsman Tool Steel Camshafts

LT1 Lead Image - single1

Memphis, TN –GM Gen V Sportsman Tool Steel Camshafts from COMP Cams are high-strength, custom-ground components utilizing aggressive direct injection lobe profile options, allowing the engine to support added horsepower. COMP Cams tool steel cam core technology, widely seen in NASCAR, NHRA and other professional race engines, is now available in the form of GM Gen V (LT1/L83/L86) Sportsman Tool Steel ... Read More »

COMP Cams Conical Valve Springs


Memphis, TN – Built for street and race applications, the new line of conical valve springs from COMP Cams represents a revolutionary advancement in high performance valve spring technology. Expected to become the new standard in high performance valve spring design, COMP Cams Conical Valve Springs utilize round wire and feature a diameter-driven and progressive pitch-driven natural frequency. This design increases ... Read More »

COMP Cams Straight 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods

Straight Pushrods

Memphis, TN – Straight 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods from COMP Cams are the strongest, stiffest pushrods available when clearances allow for a large diameter on both ends. COMP Cams Straight, 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods incorporate technology that was originally developed for NASCAR and NHRA race engines. Pushrods in many of these applications experience impact loads of up to 7500 pounds, meaning ... Read More »