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COMP Cams® Race XD™ .904” Bushed Solid Roller Lifters for GM LS Engines

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Race XD™ Bushed Solid Roller Lifters from COMP Cams® are premium lifters, proven to be the strongest, most durable and versatile roller lifters available for GM LS engines. COMP Cams® Race XD™ Bushed Solid Roller Lifter sets feature a lightweight modular design with interchangeable pushrod seats. Lifter sets come standard with centered seats but can be swapped for optional .090” ... Read More »

COMP Cams® Sportsman .904” Solid Roller Lifters for GM LS Engines

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COMP Cams® adds larger .904” diameter Sportsman Solid Roller Lifter option for GM LS engines to premium quality lifter offering. Sportsman Lifters from COMP Cams® are designed to be a premium and lighter weight upgrade over Endure-X™ Lifters and a value alternative to the Race XD™ option. To combat the common problem of wheel bearing oil starvation, two pressurized EDM ... Read More »

COMP Cams® LST™ Camshafts for Ford 6.0L/6.4L Power Stroke Engines


COMP Cams® LST™ Camshaft series brings COMP’s powerful Low Shock Technology lobe designs to Ford 6.0L/6.4L 2003-10 Power Stroke engines. The LST™ Camshaft Series uses the newest and most advanced lobe designs from COMP Cams®. These new lobes provide the potential for major increases in power and torque in Power Stroke engines when combined with the appropriate tuning. The “Low ... Read More »

FAST® 102mm Big Mouth Throttle Body™ Now Available In Black

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Designed to maximize performance upgrades on all GM Gen III and Gen IV engines with cable driven throttle bodies, the FAST® 102mm Big Mouth Throttle Body™ is now available with an anodized black finish. FAST® knows that increased airflow is a key ingredient to increasing your engine’s performance. With an opening nearly 40% larger than stock, the FAST® 102mm Big Mouth Throttle ... Read More »

COMP Cams® LST™ Stage 2 Turbo Cam Packages for GM LS 4.8L Engines

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 4.06.14 PM

 COMP Cams® adds complete cam packages for GM LS 4.8L turbo applications to its popular LST™ (Low Shock Technology) cam series that’s optimized for high RPM power production and boost response. COMP Cams® LST™ cam packages for GM LS applications take the guesswork out of choosing the right valve train upgrade package for your specific engine and desired performance. “Low ... Read More »

Powerhouse® Retainer Degree Gauge Tool

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Quickly and easily identify the valve retainer degree to avoid mismatching parts that could lead to disastrous valve failure. With the Powerhouse® Retainer Degree Gauge Tool, there’s no more guessing which valve locks to use with your retainers. Manufactured in the USA from high-quality aluminum, this tool precisely measures the degree of any steel or titanium retainer. It is able ... Read More »

COMP Cams® Xtreme 4×4 Camshafts for Jeep/AMC 4.0L Applications

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 2.44.45 PM

Introducing three new camshafts for the Jeep 4.0L that are each designed for a specific use, providing more power for everything from rock crawlers to EFI and carbureted 4.0L engines with stock to aftermarket cylinder heads.     The Jeep 4.0L is used for many different tasks, from daily driving to rock crawling and even hill climbs. COMP Cams® has released grinds ... Read More »