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COMP Cams® FSL™ Series Camshaft Expansion for GM LS Engines

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Memphis, TN – COMP Cams® recently introduced the first performance aftermarket camshaft in almost 20 years to pass the stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order (E.O.) process for a domestic engine, and now that product line has been expanded to include even more camshafts. The CARB E.O.-certified camshafts offer drop-in convenience, with no valve spring change or computer ... Read More »

COMP Cams® Non-MDS Lifters for Dodge Gen III HEMI Engines

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Memphis, TN – Engineered as a premium upgrade, the COMP Cams® Non-MDS Lifters for Dodge Gen III HEMI Engines keep all 8 cylinders engaged at all times, allowing the use of performance camshafts without concerns about lifter failure. Designed as a major upgrade over the commonly sourced Dodge “Hellcat” lifters, this unique design enhances oil retention around the axle and ... Read More »

COMP Cams® Performance Valve Spring Kits for GM LT4 Applications


Memphis, TN – New Beehive™ and Conical Valve Spring Kits for GM LT4 engines allow .600” or .625” lift for use with high lift cams, ensuring high RPM stability and excellent valve control with high boost. COMP Cams® introduces two new valve spring kit options for high performance, supercharged LT4 engines. These spring kits were specifically developed for the unique ... Read More »

FAST® Temp Sensor & Converter Kits

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Memphis, TN – The FAST® Temp Sensor & Converter Kits provide a simple and cost effective way to measure any air or fluid temperature and then convert to a universal 0-5V output, perfect for any data logger or engine ECU. Designed around the widely available GM-style Intake Air and Fluid Temperature Sensors, the FAST® Air Temp Sensor & Converter Kit ... Read More »

COMP Cams® Performance Cam Sets for Ford Coyote 2018+ Engines

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Memphis, TN – COMP Cams® releases six performance camshaft options for the Ford 5.0L 2018+ Coyote engine. The Ford Coyote engine has proven itself as an awesome base for modifications since its debut in 2011, and COMP Cams® now offers six different performance cam options that range from mild to wild for the newer direct Injection 2018+ Coyote engine. These ... Read More »

COMP Cams® Upgraded OEM Rocker Arms for GM Gen V LT Applications


Memphis, TN – COMP Cams® provides a bolt-on rocker with full complement roller trunnions for Gen V LT engines, adding durability in high-RPM race and street applications. The COMP Cams® Gen V LT Upgraded Rocker Arms are a great way to increase the durability and performance of your engine’s valve train in high RPM conditions. COMP Cams® factory technicians upgrade ... Read More »

FAST® XFI Sportsman™ Fuel Injection Kit for GM LS Applications


Memphis, TN – The FAST™ XFI Sportsman™ Fuel Injection Kit for GM LS Applications is a fully software-tunable EFI system designed for LS engines. Featuring the XFI Sportsman™ ECU, this kit provides total flexibility in tuning and monitoring engine fueling, acceleration fuel, timing and air/fuel targets. While offering PC based, on-the-fly tuning, the system also provides a self-tuning strategy that ... Read More »

TCI® Racing Starters for LS Applications


Ashland, MS – TCI® introduces two starters for LS engines, designed to provide reliable starting performance for even the highest compression performance and race LS engines. For any high performance application where a powerful, lightweight starter is desired, TCI® offers the finest quality racing starter available on the market. Offering big torque for the highest compression race engines, these starters ... Read More »

FAST® XFI Street™ EFI System with EZ-EFI® Throttle Body

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Memphis, TN – The latest fuel injection kit from FAST® combines the advanced PC tunability of the XFI Street™ ECU with the proven reliability and performance of the EZ-EFI® throttle body unit. With a self-learning capability similar to the XFI Sportsman™ and XFI 2.0™ Fuel Injection Systems, the XFI Street™ EFI System provides a cost-effective option for those who don’t ... Read More »

RHS® Intake & Cam Packages For GM LS Cathedral Port Engines

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Memphis, TN – Get huge power gains to maximize the performance potential of your GM LS Cathedral Port engine with these matched and dyno tested RHS® Performance Packages. Developed on the dyno to maximize horsepower and RPM without sacrificing low-end torque, the RHS® Intake & Cam Packages offer two stages for naturally aspirated setups and two stages for forced induction ... Read More »