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FAST™ Endure-X™ EFI Racing Hose


Memphis, TN – The FAST™ Endure-X EFI Racing Hose is the first and only fuel hose developed to handle the harsh racing conditions of fuel injected applications. The Endure-X™ EFI Racing Hose from FAST™ is not just another fuel line hose. Capable of handing up to 150 psi and compatible with most popular fuels, the Endure-X™ hose meets or exceeds ... Read More »

Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems


Memphis, TN – New Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems offer unique styling, modern EFI benefits and bolt-on fitment for engines using a single or dual plane 4150 flange 4-barrel intake. New Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems combine proven FAST™ electronic fuel injection technology with radical Inglese™ sidedraft styling. Designed to work with any FAST™ EFI system, they give customers a value-priced alternative ... Read More »

Inglese™ Billet Stacks


Memphis, TN – Four sizes of Inglese™ Billet Stacks are designed to fit virtually all hot rods and street machines. Inglese™ Billet Stacks provide both classy looks and superior performance for nearly any engine application. Available in four different heights ranging from 1.50″ to 3.50,” these precision-machined stacks are designed for bolt-on fitment for all Inglese™ EFI (50mm and 58mm ... Read More »

Inglese™ Progressive Linkage


Memphis, TN – Progressive linkage from Inglese™ is engineered to dramatically improve the drivability of Inglese™ EFI and carbureted systems. Inglese™ Progressive Linkage improves the drivability of eight-stack systems by increasing pedal modulation at low RPM. A progressive pull rate is a necessity for eight-stack systems because they typically feature twice the throttle area of a traditional setup. This can ... Read More »

Inglese™ Ford 351W Manifold


Memphis, TN – The latest manifold from Inglese™ blends state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection performance with classic carbureted styling in Ford 351W applications. The induction jewelers at Inglese™ teamed up with the EFI specialists at FAST™ to create state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection systems utilizing the new Ford 351W manifold and FAST™ EZ-EFI or XFI 2.0™ systems. The all-new manifold design features integrated ... Read More »

RHS 23° Aluminum SBC Intake Manifolds


Memphis, TN – RHS 23° Aluminum Intake Manifolds are designed to provide power and a strong torque curve throughout the mid-RPM range for both EFI and carbureted Small Block Chevy applications. RHS 23°Aluminum Intake Manifolds are engineered specifically to port match fit RHS 23° Small Block Chevy cylinder heads. Additionally, these manifolds are the only ones designed with a 4150 flange ... Read More »

FAST™ Fuel Injector Flow Bench


The fuel injector flow bench is a critical piece of equipment for any fuel injector or EFI system manufacturer. However, commercial benches used by most companies today are little more than fuel injectors mounted above graduated cylinders. Once turned on, fuel passes through the injectors and into the cylinders for a set time. The injector is then turned off and ... Read More »