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COMP Cams Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge A Must for Engine Builders


Memphis, TN – The most accurate way to achieve the proper torque and preload on connecting rod bolts and other fasteners is by measuring bolt stretch¸ and an easy-to-use Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge from COMP Cams ensures proper clamping. Rod bolt stretch is the proper length a fastener needs to reach to ensure optimal clamping force. This Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge ... Read More »

FAST™ Provides An Economical Way To Monitor Air/Fuel Ratio


Memphis, TN – Designed with the budget-conscious enthusiast in mind, the FAST™ Wide-Band Air/Fuel Gauge Kit allows anyone to easily keep track of their overall A/F ratio with wide-band accuracy. In performance applications it’s crucial to have an accurate measurement of the air-to-fuel mixture to keep the engine from running too rich or too lean. The most accurate way to ... Read More »

Powerhouse Block Square & Deck Height Gauge


Memphis, TN – The unique Block Square & Deck Height Gauge eliminates the need to dummy assemble before building a new engine. The Products Block Square & Deck Height Gauge allows you to precisely measure the deck height of any block. This unique tool measures from the main bearing bore to the deck surface of the block and can be used ... Read More »