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Powerhouse® Retainer Degree Gauge Tool

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Quickly and easily identify the valve retainer degree to avoid mismatching parts that could lead to disastrous valve failure. With the Powerhouse® Retainer Degree Gauge Tool, there’s no more guessing which valve locks to use with your retainers. Manufactured in the USA from high-quality aluminum, this tool precisely measures the degree of any steel or titanium retainer. It is able ... Read More »

Powerhouse Products GM LS Engine Cradle


Memphis, TN – The latest offering from Powerhouse Products is designed to make moving GM LS engines easier than ever. Adding to the tool brand’s popular storage stands for Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler engines is the Powerhouse Products GM LS Engine Cradle. This cradle is constructed from finely crafted, high-quality steel. It includes secure and easy-to-attach adjustable mounting arms to ensure the ... Read More »

Powerhouse Products GM LS OEM Rocker Arm Trunnion Upgrade Tool


Memphis, TN – This new LS rocker trunnion install tool from Powerhouse Products provides a quick and consistent way to assemble and disassemble LS rockers.  The LS Rocker Trunnion Install Tool was carefully designed to simplify the trunnion upgrade process of today, and it is compatible with all stock LS rocker geometry. The tool can be used with an arbor press, ... Read More »

COMP Performance Group Provides A New Way For Customers To Make Product Suggestions


Memphis, TN – Some of the best ideas come from unexpected sources. With that in mind, the COMP Performance Group is opening up the proverbial suggestion box to customers and fans of each CPG brand. Whether you have an idea for a new camshaft, a clutch for your favorite five-speed application, an updated cylinder head, or any number of other ... Read More »

Powerhouse Air Operated Valve Holder


Memphis, TN – There is no easier way to keep valves from falling into the cylinders when changing valve springs than the Powerhouse Air Operated Valve Holder. The Air Operated Valve Holder from Powerhouse Products is the perfect accessory when it’s time to replace valve springs or valve stem seals. Simply thread one end into the spark plug tube and ... Read More »

Circle Track – Upgrading The Crate, Part 2


In the August 2012 issue, the editorial staff at Circle Track continues the engine build series where they try to create a competitive Super Street engine from a castoff Chevy crate. The build features a Chevy 604 utilizing a COMP Cams solid flat tappet camshaft, Beehive™ LS Valve Springs, Ultra Pro Magnum™ Steel Rockers and COMP guideplates, along with parts from RHS and Powerhouse Products. Click the link to see the Circle ... Read More »

Powerhouse Universal Cam Bearing Installation Kit


Memphis, TN – The Powerhouse Universal Cam Bearing Installation Kit installs or removes cam bearings in any engine, from traditional pushrod platforms to specialized race blocks. Install or remove cam bearings from any engine block with one complete, universal kit from Powerhouse Products. With five mandrels ranging in size from 1.125″ to 2.690″, the professional quality Powerhouse Universal Cam Bearing Installation Kit ... Read More »

Powerhouse Products Chrysler Hemi Camshaft Degree Kit


Memphis, TN – The new Hemi Camshaft Degree Kits from Powerhouse Products include everything you need to degree a Hemi camshaft in one convenient package. The Powerhouse Products Hemi Camshaft Degree Kits contain all the tools necessary to correct any minuscule errors and tolerances from your 5.7L, 6.1L or 6.4L Hemi engine’s machining processes that can affect camshaft timing. Degreeing ... Read More »

Powerhouse Pro Engine Cleaning Kit


Memphis, TN – The Powerhouse Professional Engine Cleaning Kit easily removes grime and oil from the dirtiest engine. The seven-piece professional engine builder’s brush kit from PowerhouseProducts will have your old engine primed and ready to build in no time. With six different precision brushes, there is no spot or crevice that can’t be reached with the Pro Engine Cleaning ... Read More »