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Speed Secrets: Swapping a Cam in a Carbureted LS Crate Motor

Swapping a Cam in a Carbureted LS Crate Motor

A carbureted LS crate engine with a single pattern cam gets a camshaft swap on this episode of Speed Secrets with Richard Holdener. Richard Holdener teamed up with Comp Cams to see just how much power can be gained by upgrading to a Dual Pattern cam.   Starting with a carbureted LS Crate motor supplied by Blueprint Engines, that came ... Read More »

Speed Secrets: It’s Time for a Carbureted 5.3-Liter Cam Swap

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In this episode of Speed Secrets, Richard Holdener explores a LS cam swap, but it’s no ordinary swap. Check out how a carbureted 5.3-liter engine responds to a cam swap. To test the gains of a camshaft upgrade on a carbureted LS engine, Richard Holdener with Speed Secrets teamed up with Comp Cams.  Even though the LS engine was never ... Read More »