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Still a Float: SBC Stroker Spring Upgrade


By Richard Holdener/Photos By Author Spring had sprung on our stroker, so it was time for an upgrade! Sometimes performance upgrades come from desire, while others out of sheer necessity. Unfortunately for us, this valve-float (actually control) test was the latter. It is often said that the whole is more important than the sum of its parts, and this is certainly ... Read More »

Attitude Adjustment: Valve Lash for Power

A change in valve lash on a solid flat-tappet (or solid roller) cam can change the attitude of your motor!

Words and Photos: Richard Holdener Whether you have a Ford, Chevy or Dodge, one of the key elements in improving the power output is the right camshaft. The cam is often described as the brain of the internal combustion engine, as it synchronizes the valve events that all but determine the character of the motor. Mild cam timing will obviously ... Read More »

Super Chevy – Here Comes Modern Mouse


Following the Major Mouse and Danger Mouse series of articles that covered all manner of small-block performance, Super Chevy Magazine now brings us the Modern Mouse series. Beginning with a 5.3L (LM7) truck motor, the Modern Mouse series kicks off with a FAST™ XFI™Electronic Fuel Injection System , LSXR™ Manifold, Throttle Body and Fuel Rails, as well as a COMP camshaft. ... Read More »

Camaro Perfomers – Bigger On The Inside


Steven Rupp with Camaro Performers discovers how to get big block displacement in a small-block package with the powerful RHS GM LS Race Block. Click on the attached PDF below to read the full article. We also encourage you to pick the July 2011 issue of Camaro Performers. Click on the link to see the Camaro Performers PDF. Read More »

FordMuscle.com Install & Test RHS SBF Cylinder Heads


Article courtesy of FordMuscle.com. About a year-and-a-half ago we introduced you to a basically stock 1966 Mustang. At that time its’ owner Heather was ready to get into some basic power upgrades in the form of a carb and intake swap. However, being novices to the hobby, she was unsure which of the many brands and combinations were right for ... Read More »