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Get Your PRI 2019 Coverage Here


PRI is a staple of the automotive racing marketplace. Get an inside glimpse of the 2019 show from the eyes of the COMP Performance Group team, and learn why PRI is the annual epicenter of new racing technology and a perfect way to get a look at new parts and more. The 2019 PRI Trade Show takes place from December ... Read More »

TCI® Racing Starters for LS Applications


Ashland, MS – TCI® introduces two starters for LS engines, designed to provide reliable starting performance for even the highest compression performance and race LS engines. For any high performance application where a powerful, lightweight starter is desired, TCI® offers the finest quality racing starter available on the market. Offering big torque for the highest compression race engines, these starters ... Read More »

TCI® 4x Four-Speed™ Transmission Packages for Externally Balanced Small Block Ford Applications

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 9.10.06 AM

Ashland, MS – TCI® announces the addition of externally balanced Small Block Ford 28 oz. and 50 oz. applications to the popular 4x transmission lineup. The popular 4x Four-Speed™ line of automatic transmissions has added two new applications to its long list of applicable engines. The 4x electronic and non-electronic transmissions are now compatible with Small Block Ford engines using ... Read More »

TCI® 6x Six-Speed™ Transmission Packages for Externally Balanced Small Block Ford Applications

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 9.21.43 AM

Ashland, MS – TCI® announces new 6x Six-Speed™ Transmission Packages for externally balanced Small Block Ford 28 oz. and 50 oz. applications. Using the latest innovations in drivetrain technology, TCI® developed a groundbreaking transmission for street, Pro Touring and all out race vehicles – the 6x Six Speed™. The 4L80E-based 6x Six-Speed™ Automatic Transmission is a fully programmable transmission that ... Read More »

Speed Secrets: 6R80 TCI Billet Converter Upgrade!

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 4.51.20 PM

Making more power with a camshaft and head swap or by adding boost is incredible but what if you’ve found a power level you’re comfortable with but still want to improve your vehicles acceleration or driving habits? Sometimes improving a vehicles performance doesn’t require more power. Sometimes a good transmission is just what a vehicle needs. For example, in the ... Read More »

TCI® Electric Shift Solenoid Kit

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 10.52.51 AM

Ashland, MS – For hands-free, automated shifting with its new Outlaw-X™ Shifters, TCI® has developed a shift solenoid kit that helps to produce more consistent ETs.   At the drag strip, the first gear shift comes quickly and requires a faster than normal response time. The TCI® Electric Shift Solenoid Kit works with your RPM switch or timer to make ... Read More »

TCI® TH400 2-Speed Forward Pattern Valve Body

TCI Valve Body

Ashland, MS – TCI Automotive® now offers a billet transbrake valve body for high-horsepower racers who launch their TH400 in second gear. The TCI® TH400 2-Speed Forward Pattern Valve Body features simplified and shortened passage routing for faster shift speeds. With highly radiused turns to help transmission fluid flow at maximum efficiency and a design that allows pressure to build ... Read More »

TCI® Steel Transmission Crossmembers


Ashland, MS – TCI® has expanded its drivetrain accessories lineup with new steel transmission crossmembers in support of the popular TCI® 4x Four-Speed™ Automatic, 6x Six-Speed™ and 4L80E electronic overdrive transmissions. The TCI® crossmember line will be available for a range of classic vehicles, including the GM A-body series offered from 1967 to 1974, the GM F-body series from 1967 ... Read More »

TCI® Wireless EZ-TCU™

TCI® Wireless EZ-TCU™ 1

  A wireless module enables Bluetooth communication between the EZ-TCU™ and an app available for iOS and Android devices, enabling the user to control shift points, firmness and aggressiveness. Data logging and self-diagnostics make it possible to optimize tuning intuitively – without the need for software, a hand-held unit or cabling. There is also an anti-theft feature that allows for ... Read More »

TCI® TCU 2.0™ Transmission Controller

TCI® TCU 2.0™ Transmission Controller - 1

Ashland, MS – TCI Automotive®now offers a transmission controller for advanced programming and more versatility. The TCI®TCU 2.0™ is fully programmable with the included T-Com™ 2.0 laptop software and features Dual Tune Technology™ so you can create and easily switch between two completely different shift modes – daily driving or performance. The ability to make infinite adjustments to shift points ... Read More »