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12 Questions With Jeff Reed Of TCI Automotive

Name: Jeff Reed Job Title: TCI Automotive Race Support/Sales Jeff Reed works directly with racers powered by TCI parts. Relying on years of experience and first-hand knowledge, he works one-on-one with his customers, providing the specialized assistance and support they need to build the most reliable and consistent drivetrain combinations possible. What is your background in the industry? I’ve been ... Read More »

TCI GM 4L60E Bolt-Together Torque Converters


Ashland, MS – New GM 4L60E Bolt-Together Torque Converters from TCI are high-stall, lock-up units featuring a bolt-together billet design, triple-disc lock-up assembly and patent-pending lock-up control technology. Building off the success of their bolt-together torque converters for GM 6L80 transmissions, TCI engineers have now developed a complete line of triple-disc, bolt-together converters for the 4L60E from General Motors. These new ... Read More »

TCI Bolt-Together Powerglide Planetaries


Ashland, MS – TCI has redesigned its signature Powerglide Planetaries with a unique bolt-together design, allowing quick and easy at-the-track changes to gear ratios and output shaft sizes and lengths. New TCI Bolt-Together Powerglide Planetaries are built with the racer in mind as they optimize both strength and ease of use. The cleverly engineered bolt-together design in conjunction with several available ... Read More »

TCI GM 6L80 Bolt-Together Race Torque Converters


Ashland, MS –Triple-disc 6L80 Race Torque Converters from TCI are new bolt-together, “race only” components for 6L80 /6L90 transmissions used in conjunction with extremely high horsepower engines. New TCI GM Bolt-Together 6L80 Race Torque Converters are designed for use in the punishing environment of high horsepower LS 6L80 or 6L90 applications. With a fully furnace-brazed turbine and a CNC-machined billet design, this ... Read More »

TCI Governor Covers


Ashland, MS – Brand new TCI Governor Covers are designed to replace stock covers that can quickly become both rusty and dented. The transmission governor is connected to an automatic transmission’s output shaft and regulates hydraulic pressure based on vehicle speed, contributing to when the transmission shifts. The governor cover conceals the hole where the governor is located and holds ... Read More »

Transmission Packages From TCI


Ashland, MS – If you’re a street cruiser or racer in search of excellent performance and long-lasting durability, TCI has the perfect transmission package for you. The popular Street Rodder™ package is equipped with an automatic valve body and Valve Body Improvement Kit to achieve firmer shifts, while the StreetFighter option allows you to manually shift non-supercharged street machines making 400-775 horsepower ... Read More »

TCI PRO-X™ 10″ Race Torque Converters


Ashland, MS – Newly redesigned TCI Pro-X™ 10″ Race Torque Converters increase performance on race engines with Turbo (TH) transmissions, or Powerglides with a GM 30-spline turbo input shaft and 27-spline stator tube. PRO-X™ 10″ Race Converters from TCI have received a serious upgrade. Long a leader in the performance market, this converter series now has a redesigned, hand-built stator optimizing ... Read More »

TCI High Torque Starters


Ashland, MS – High torque starters from TCI are built to make more cranking power than stock to effectively fire up your high performance engine time after time. Many performance applications demand a great deal of torque for cranking, however, if your starter isn’t up to the task that high-powered engine might not start at all. That’s why TCI offers high ... Read More »

TCI Bolt-Together Torque Converters For GM 6L80E Transmissions


Ashland, MS – TCI Bolt-Together Torque Converters for GM 6L80E Transmissions are purpose-built to improve launch and overall performance. They have been proven to pick up seven-tenths of a second in the 1/8 mile. Each one can be completely disassembled and serviced; removing the billet front provides access to the entire lock-up assembly, turbine, stator and bearings. Built with patent-pending ... Read More »

TCI Ford C6 Valve Body


Ashland, MS – This valve body from TCI is designed to provide engine braking in all forward gears in a manual, reverse shift pattern, thereby creating a stronger and more durable Ford C6 transmission. The new TCI Ford C6 Valve Body provides engine braking in all forward gears, thereby reducing the amount of stress on the failure-prone sprag. The result is ... Read More »