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COMP Cams® Keyway Adjustable Billet Timing Sets for GM LS Applications


Memphis, TN – COMP Cams® combines the Keyway AdjustableBillet Timing Sets for Three-Bolt LS Engines with the proven C5-R Single Timing Chain to produce a race ready timing set with 8degrees of advance/retard adjustment(16 degrees total). COMP Cams®is now offering an all-out racing, single timing set for GM LS Engines. This kit features premium CNC-machined sprockets from billet bar steel, ... Read More »

COMP Cams® Hi-Tech™ Roller Race Timing Sets for GM LS Applications

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Memphis, TN – New COMP Cams® Hi-Tech™ Roller Race Timing Sets for GM LS Applications allow engine builders to tailor engine performance to their specific needs with a 9-keyway crank sprocket offering 8 degrees maximum advance/retard (16 degrees total). With 9 adjustable cam positions in 2-degree increments, the COMP Cams® Hi-Tech™ Roller Race Timing Sets for GM LS Gen III/IV ... Read More »

COMP Cams® C5-R IWIS Single Race Timing Chain for GM LS Gen III/IV Applications


Memphis, TN – COMP Cams® now offers a C5-R IWIS Race Timing Chain, the top of the line option for single chain LS applications. This high performance upgrade chain is a direct replacement for stock, single LS timing chains*. It features specially coated pins that resist wear and corrosion while increasing the integrity and strength of the chain – this ... Read More »

Low Buck DIY: LT1 Adjustable Cam Gear

We chucked up our trusty .350 bit and made our way through the metal, slotting the holes.

When upgrading our LT1 to an LS1-style ignition with the bolt-on kit from EFI Connection, we began installing our camshaft from COMP Cams with the factory cam gear. We found our Top Dead Center and then our Intake Lobe Centerline. To meet our desired 111 degree intake centerline, the cam core was ground at 115 degree lobe separation angle with ... Read More »