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Powerhouse® Retainer Degree Gauge Tool

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 2.53.47 PM

Quickly and easily identify the valve retainer degree to avoid mismatching parts that could lead to disastrous valve failure. With the Powerhouse® Retainer Degree Gauge Tool, there’s no more guessing which valve locks to use with your retainers. Manufactured in the USA from high-quality aluminum, this tool precisely measures the degree of any steel or titanium retainer. It is able ... Read More »

Powerhouse® Valve Spring Compressor Tool For Dodge Gen III HEMI Engines

Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 3.51.44 PM

Memphis, TN – Powerhouse® introduces a valve spring compressor tool engineered specifically to work with all Gen III Hemi engines. The Powerhouse® Valve Spring Compressor Tool for Dodge 5.7L-6.4L HEMI engines allows easy removal and installation of valve springs without the need to remove the cylinder heads. The bolt-down design makes it quick and easy to install, while a unique ... Read More »

Low Buck DIY: LT1 Adjustable Cam Gear

We chucked up our trusty .350 bit and made our way through the metal, slotting the holes.

When upgrading our LT1 to an LS1-style ignition with the bolt-on kit from EFI Connection, we began installing our camshaft from COMP Cams with the factory cam gear. We found our Top Dead Center and then our Intake Lobe Centerline. To meet our desired 111 degree intake centerline, the cam core was ground at 115 degree lobe separation angle with ... Read More »

Finding the Intake Lobe Centerline

Step 3: Roll the cam backward until the gauge reads .50 lift before max lift and take a degree reading from the cam wheel.

Finding the Intake Lobe Centerline is essential to degree a camshaft, and it’s easy. See our Finding Top Dead Center article to learn how to set up the degree wheel. Read More »

Finding Top Dead Center

Step 4: Remove the piston stop and roll the engine back around until the pointer hits zero. This is your Top Dead Center.

Finding Top Dead Center on an engine is a four-step process made easy with a piston stop and a degree wheel.   Read More »

Low Buck DIY: LS Springs on LT1 Heads for More Lift


Modifying heads to accommodate higher valve lift can seem like a daunting task. However, with a little knowledge and the right tools, it can be done by most people who know their way around a tool box. Our LT1 project includes a higher lift cam and a set of new COMP Cams conical valve springs designed for an LS. Our ... Read More »

How To: Measure Bolt Stretch For Proper Torque

bolt stretch gauge

When most people torque a bolt, they put little thought into how it works. Few realize a threaded fastener is like a spring that stretches to achieve optimum clamping tension. The proper torque in any fastener is reached by stretching it within a specified range. A fastener’s “rebounding” property is what actually provides the clamping force, and will vary with ... Read More »

COMP Cams Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge A Must for Engine Builders


Memphis, TN – The most accurate way to achieve the proper torque and preload on connecting rod bolts and other fasteners is by measuring bolt stretch¸ and an easy-to-use Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge from COMP Cams ensures proper clamping. Rod bolt stretch is the proper length a fastener needs to reach to ensure optimal clamping force. This Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge ... Read More »

ZEX™ Nitrous Level Gauge


Memphis, TN – The ZEX™ Nitrous Level Gauge lets users easily keep track of how much nitrous is left in their bottle. Other than removing the cylinder and weighing it, there has never been an easy way to monitor how full a nitrous bottle is. ZEX™ has remedied that problem by developing the industry’s first Nitrous Level Gauge. This gauge ... Read More »