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Speed Secrets: 6R80 TCI Billet Converter Upgrade!

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Making more power with a camshaft and head swap or by adding boost is incredible but what if you’ve found a power level you’re comfortable with but still want to improve your vehicles acceleration or driving habits? Sometimes improving a vehicles performance doesn’t require more power. Sometimes a good transmission is just what a vehicle needs. For example, in the ... Read More »

Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords – Transmission of Torque


The guys at Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords recently installed a TCI 6x Six-Speed™ Transmission into the NMRA True Street project Repeat Offender, an ’85 notchback. Click on the attachment below to read the full article and see how the revolutionary 6x Six-speed™ is hand built. We also encourage you to pick up the May issue of Muscle Mustangs & ... Read More »

COMP Cams Thumpr™ Camshafts

Memphis, TN – Make your dream car sound and perform every bit as good as it looks with the aggressive, high performance idle of Thumpr™ Camshafts from COMP Cams. With the perfect combination of early intake valve opening, long exhaust duration and generous overlap, Thumpr™ Cams from COMP maximize your engine’s nasty-idling characteristics without negatively impacting street driving manners. Thumpr™ Camshafts ... Read More »

TCI GM 4L60E Bolt-Together Torque Converters


Ashland, MS – New GM 4L60E Bolt-Together Torque Converters from TCI are high-stall, lock-up units featuring a bolt-together billet design, triple-disc lock-up assembly and patent-pending lock-up control technology. Building off the success of their bolt-together torque converters for GM 6L80 transmissions, TCI engineers have now developed a complete line of triple-disc, bolt-together converters for the 4L60E from General Motors. These new ... Read More »

TCI GM 6L80 Bolt-Together Race Torque Converters


Ashland, MS –Triple-disc 6L80 Race Torque Converters from TCI are new bolt-together, “race only” components for 6L80 /6L90 transmissions used in conjunction with extremely high horsepower engines. New TCI GM Bolt-Together 6L80 Race Torque Converters are designed for use in the punishing environment of high horsepower LS 6L80 or 6L90 applications. With a fully furnace-brazed turbine and a CNC-machined billet design, this ... Read More »

TCI High Torque Starters


Ashland, MS – High torque starters from TCI are built to make more cranking power than stock to effectively fire up your high performance engine time after time. Many performance applications demand a great deal of torque for cranking, however, if your starter isn’t up to the task that high-powered engine might not start at all. That’s why TCI offers high ... Read More »