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COMP Cams® .630” Lift Conical Valve Spring Kits for Dodge Gen IV HEMI Applications

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Memphis, TN – COMP Cams® .630” Lift Conical Valve Spring Kits for Dodge Gen IV HEMIs provide the proven RPM stability and performance of the #7228 conical spring in convenient kit options. COMP Cams® .630” Lift Conical Valve Spring Kits allow for more lift and high RPM stability in high performance and race 5.7/6.2/6.4L Dodge Gen IV HEMI applications. The ... Read More »

COMP Cams® .600” Lift Beehive™ Valve Springs for Ford 2018+ Coyote Applications

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Memphis, TN – COMP Cams® debuts a .600” lift valve spring option for high RPM and boosted 2018 and later Ford Coyote engines. This .600” lift Beehive™ Valve Spring has been developed specifically for high performance Coyote engines to create higher load, higher RPM and more lift capacity than stock valve springs. Dyno testing has proven these springs benefit both ... Read More »

Valve Spring Tech: Secrets of the Industry Revealed


  Here’s the valve spring technology breakdown that only top industry experts have known about, until now! With 50 years of race-winning engine building experience, David Vizard hosts episode 4 of Power Tec 10 with the goal to educate race engine builders and the home mechanic engine builder alike on new valve spring tech. Taken at face value, a valve spring ... Read More »

Top 10 Cam Failure Culprits


Cams, cams, cams.. While camshafts can and do “go out,” something other than a bad core more often than not is to blame. Below are 10 things to think about before calling foul on your cam. COIL BIND Coil bind is when a spring compresses solid before or during full camshaft lift. This stack of metal stops the valve train ... Read More »

20 “Must-Have” Engine Building Tools

pro model torque wrench

Engine building is no picnic, but the right tools and instruments can certainly make it a bit easier. Whether you’re a highly-experienced professional or a first-time “do-it-yourselfer,” Powerhouse Products has compiled a list of “must-haves” that you or anyone would need before deciding to build an engine. Not only do these tools make engine building easier, they also shave off ... Read More »