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COMP Cams Ford Coyote Valve Spring Kits


Memphis, TN – Two new valve spring kits from COMP Cams allow 0.550″ or .600″ lift as well as higher RPM and boost in late model Ford Coyote applications. Ford enthusiasts have two brand new valve spring options for late model Coyote engines. COMP Cams Ford Coyote Valve Spring Kits are designed to create higher load, RPM and lift capacity for 2011-2014 ... Read More »

COMP Cams Back To Basics Video: LS Valve Train Stability


Memphis, TN – In the latest installment of the Back to Basics video series, host Richard Holdener demonstrates how an LS valve spring upgrade can help prevent valve float. GM LS engines provide an easy and inexpensive way to make horsepower, but their weak link is in the area of factory valve springs. When it comes to installing boost, an ... Read More »

COMP Cams Dual Conical Valve Springs

7245-1 (Pair) (1)

Memphis, TN – The brand new, dual conical spring assembly from COMP Cams is the first product to bring revolutionary dual conical technology to the marketplace for wide-ranging applications featuring lifts up to .800″. COMP Cams is setting trends in racing once again with the release of its new Dual Conical Valve Springs. This progressive-frequency design (decreasing diameter from bottom to top) ... Read More »

COMP Cams LS Conical Valve Spring Kits

7228CS-KIT 640

Memphis, TN – The latest valve spring kit from COMP Cams® allows users to install revolutionary Conical Valve Springs on nearly any GM LS engine. In the tradition of its successful Beehive™ kits, COMP Cams® LS Conical Valve Spring Kits allow enthusiasts and builders to better harness the power of popular LS race and street engine applications. Each kit features ... Read More »

Product Spotlight Video: COMP Cams Conical Valve Springs

Conical Valve Springs 640

Memphis, TN – In the latest Product Spotlight Video from COMP Cams®, Valve Train Engineering Group Manager, Billy Godbold, explains how new Conical Valve Springs are the latest advancement in valve train technology. The conical valve spring design is not a new concept as OEs have been experimenting with it for years. However, COMP Cams® is the very first company ... Read More »

Engine Swaps – Budget Valve Train Upgrade For LS Engine For LS Engines (COMP Cams)


In the Summer 2012 issue, the team over at Engine Swaps Magazine makes a few performance upgrades to its LS engine with some cost effective products from COMP Cams. Included in the editorial here is the COMP GM LS Retro-Fit Trunion Kit, along with Beehive™ Valve Springs, Hi-Tech™ Pushrods and the GM LS Valve Train Upgrade Kit (Gen III/LS1/LS6) for mild ... Read More »

COMP Cams Quick Tech Video: LS Valve Spring Compressor Tool


Memphis, TN − The latest addition to the Quick Tech Video series from COMP Cams demonstrates how to use the LS Valve Spring Compressor Tool for removing valve springs on LS engines with the cylinder heads on or off. Economical and easy to use, this LS Valve Spring Compressor Tool is a must have for all LS engine builders and ... Read More »

Mopar Muscle – Testing, Testing


For thier May 2012 issue, the staff at Mopar Muscle put together a 383 to do some serious dyno testing. In addition to parts they found lying around their shop, the team used a COMP Cams Xtreme Energy™ flat tappet cam and lifters, COMP Dual Valve Springs and COMP Ultra-Pro Magnum™ Rockers. Learn how the build went by clicking on the attachment below, ... Read More »

Mopar Muscle Magazine – Project 7.0


In this tech article titled “Project 7.0: Engine Completion And Dyno Testing” from Mopar Muscle magazine a ’68 Valiant receives a serious upgrade that includes a custom ground COMP camshaft, solid roller lifters and Beehive™ Valve Springs. Click on the attachment below to read the full article. We also encourage you to buy the June 2011 issue of Mopar Muscle. ... Read More »

Maximizing Valve Spring Life With COMP Cams R&D Engineer, Bradley Brown


Valve springs are the most highly overstressed component in the engine. That’s why they need special tender loving care. Whether it’s street, strip, circle track or any other use, the engineers at COMP Cams design each spring specifically with the application, camshaft design, engine speed and other factors in mind. A valve spring is just like a torsion bar, only ... Read More »