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TCI 6x Six-Speed Transmissions

Ashland, MS – The next generation of the 6x Six-Speed Transmission from TCI features overrun clutch apply to increase the torque capacity of the transmission and the durability of the overdrive roller clutch.

271701The original TCI 6x Six-Speed Transmission provided six forward gears and fully programmable automatic or manual shifting for improved acceleration and fuel economy at cruising speeds. Now the engineers at TCI have improved on that model and redesigned the patented 6x valve body, resulting in transmissions that boast higher torque capacity than ever before. This new design provides overrun clutch apply in first, third and fifth gear.

The shifting strategy has also been improved and refined, meaning that the second-generation transmissions shift significantly smoother than the original 6x. TCI 6x Six-Speed Transmissions are capable of handling up to 850 horsepower and are available for all popular GM, Ford and Chrysler applications. A TCI EZ-TCU Transmission Controller is required.

Quick Facts

Product: TCI 6x Six-Speed Transmissions

Part Number: #271700 (w/Chevrolet bellhousing); #271701 (w/o bellhousing)

Street Price: $5,299.95 (#271700); $5,599.95 (#271701)

Social Media Pitch: Updated TCI 6x Six-Speed Transmissions now feature overrun clutch apply to increase torque capacity & durability

 Features & Benefits:

  • 6 Forward gears & fully programmable auto or manual shifting for improved acceleration & fuel economy
  • Overrun clutch apply feature increases torque capacity of transmission & durability of overdrive roller clutch
  • Refined & improved shifting strategy provides significantly smoother shifts than original version


View the PDF: TCI 6x Six-Speed Transmissions