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TCI Announces 2016 Master Catalog

Ashland, MS – A brand new catalog from the drivetrain experts at TCI provides a wealth of product information along with a variety of helpful tech tips.

2016 Master Catalog The latest TCI Master Catalog is made up of 160 full-color pages showcasing the drivetrain leader’s transmissions, shifters, torque converters, electronics and related products in the areas of street, circle track, drag race and heavy-duty/towing. A Quick Reference Guide at the front of the catalog allows readers to easily choose the best components and performance packages for street vehicles. A new shifter selector chart also makes choosing the proper shifter easier than ever with a comprehensive list of features and available applications. The catalog includes a variety of diagrams and illustrations, plus FAQs, tech tips and other reference material. An application-specific page number index aids in finding pertinent information in a hurry. The 2016 TCI Master Catalog is available online at www.tciauto.com and at car shows and other automotive events around the country.


Quick Facts

Product: 2016 TCI Master Catalog
Part Number: #TCI2016-1
Social Media Pitch: The 2016 TCI Master Catalog features 160 full-color pages devoted to the drivetrain brand’s products & a wide range of tech tips


  • 160 full-color-pages devoted to info on transmissions, shifters torque converters & related components
  • Quick Reference Guide & new shifter selector chart each allow readers to easily choose the best options for their application
  • Includes diagrams, illustrations FAQs & tech tips
  • Application-specific page number index


View the PDF: TCI Announces 2016 Master Catalog