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TCI Bolt-Together Torque Converters For GM 6L80E Transmissions

Ashland, MS – TCI Bolt-Together Torque Converters for GM 6L80E Transmissions are purpose-built to improve launch and overall performance. They have been proven to pick up seven-tenths of a second in the 1/8 mile. Each one can be completely disassembled and serviced; removing the billet front provides access to the entire lock-up assembly, turbine, stator and bearings.

Built with patent-pending technology, these bolt-together converters feature a triple-disc lock-up assembly which can easily be disassembled for servicing by the end user. The converters also include high-speed, load-rated Torrington bearings. A deep-groove ball bearing on the turbine spline reduces friction and increases the high-speed stability of converter components, and also provides input shaft support. The precision-ground billet impeller hub and billet front are CNC-machined to reduce ballooning, while the billet turbine hub, billet lockup piston and billet clutch hub are pre-hardened to improve strength.

Easy stator changes and modifications can be made when the unit is unbolted. By purchasing additional pump assemblies and stators, stall changes can be performed without machining the converter open. TCI Bolt-Together Torque Converters for GM 6L80E Transmissions also feature a higher lock-up clutch torque capacity and higher torque multiplication than stock, along with a higher friction surface area than competitors’ converters. They include three different stall speeds: 2600-2700, 2800-2900 and 3100-3200 RPM, with speeds up to 4100 RPM available upon request. All of these features work together to handle harder launches.

Special oil slots in the turbine hub and impeller flange increase oil flow and reduce operating temperatures. Each converter also includes woven carbon friction material designed specifically for GM constant-slip applications.

As with all TCI torque converters, these feature proprietary HDT (Heat Dissipating Technology™) Coating™, which enables cooler operating temperatures and more efficient drivetrain operation. Each TCI converter is built to exact specifications and is Triple Tested during assembly. Triple Testing includes run-out testing, leak testing and computer balancing. TCI Bolt-Together Torque Converters for GM 6L80E Transmissions are fully furnace-brazed, computer balanced and hand-assembled to precise tolerances.

Quick Facts

tcProduct: TCI  Bolt-Together Torque Converters for GM 6L80E Transmissions
Part Number: #242972 (2600-2700 RPM Stall); #242974 (2800-2900 RPM Stall); #242976 (3100-3200 RPM Stall)
Social Media Pitch: TCIBolt-Together Torque Converters for GM 6L80E Transmissions improve launch & overall performance & are completely serviceable
Features & Benefits:
•Increased stall & torque multiplication to improve launch & overall performance; proven to pick up 0.7s in 1/8 mi.
•Only stall converters on the market that will bolt into a Camaro with no tuning required; patent-pending technology
•Triple-disc lock-up clutch for significantly higher torque capacity than stock component
•Designed as a serviceable unit – can be unbolted for replacement of bearings & lock-up components by end user
•Three stall speeds available (2600-2700, 2800-2900, 3100-3200); speeds up to 4100 RPM available upon request
•HDT Coating cools operating temperatures
•Triple Tested, fully furnace-brazed, computer balanced & hand-assembled to precise tolerances