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TCI Diablo Blackout Shifter Versatile, Available In Black

TCI Diablo Blackout ShifterNow available in a sleek black finish, the TCI Diablo Blackout Shifter is a lightweight street rod/race component that includes everything needed for installation.

The patent-pending Diablo Shifter from TCI remains the most versatile shifter on the market, but now it is available in black to correspond with dark interiors. The fully configurable design allows the customer set up the shifter with either a front- or rear-cable exit. It can also be configured with either a forward or reverse shift pattern for a two-, three- or four-speed transmission. There is no longer a need to buy and replace parts if you are changing shift order/configuration, or changing transmissions entirely. When upgraded to the two-button version, the shifter can be also customized to control nitrous, transbrake or shifting.

The shifter housing is made from an aluminum extrusion. Everything needed for installation is included in the box, including the shifter (configurable for any Ford, GM or Chrysler application), high-quality shift cable, transmission-mount cable brackets and neutral safety and reverse-light switches. The shifter is also available without a housing for console-mount applications.


Quick Facts

 Product: TCI Diablo Blackout Shifter

Part Number: #620001BL (w/cover); #620002BL (w/cover & buttons); #620003BL (w/o cover) #620004BL (w/o cover, includes buttons)

 Street Price: $369.99 (#620001BL); $424.99 (#620002BL); $324.99 (#620003BL); $344.99 (#640004BL)

 Social Media Pitch: The TCI Diablo Blackout Shifter is fully configurable & includes everything needed for installation in any application

 Features & Benefits:

  • Front- or rear- cable exit configurability
  • Can be used on 2-, 3- or 4-speed transmissions w/ forward or reverse shift pattern
  • Everything needed for installation on common Ford, GM & Chrysler transmissions

View the PDF: TCI Diablo Blackout Shifter Versatile, Available In Black