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TCI Ford 6R80 High-Stall, Lock-Up Torque Converters

Ashland, MS – The latest bolt-together torque converters from TCI feature increased stall speeds and lock-up clutch torque capacity for 5.0 Coyote Mustang owners, while also allowing for easy stall changes.

457020TCI High-Stall, Lock-Up Torque Converters for Ford 6R80 applications are specifically designed for 2011 and up Mustangs. Their high-stall nature gets the engine to max torque and multiplies it as the vehicle starts to move. This improves vehicle launch and overall performance.

Additionally, the converters feature a triple-disc lock-up assembly with woven carbon frictions to handle more torque and dissipate heat more efficiently than the stock component. Designed with a higher clamping force on the clutch friction than stock and competitor options, the converters also boast full wide-open-throttle lock-up capability.

Each converter features a CNC-machined, billet bolt-together design. No welding or cutting is required to access the converters’ internals, meaning that each unit can be unbolted and disassembled. This enables easy stall changes and rebuilds, as well as efficient replacement of bearings and lock-up components. The converters use premium roller bearings instead of bushings for lower parasitic losses and better durability, while all units also feature a hand-tig-brazed turbine and fully furnace-brazed impeller for maximum strength. They are hand-assembled to precise tolerances and HDT (Heat Dissipating Technology)-coated. TCI Ford 6R80 High-Stall, Lock-Up Torque Converters do not require tuning and are available in 3100-3200, 3400-3500 and 3800-3900 RPM stall speeds. Custom options are also offered.

Quick Facts

Product: TCI Ford 6R80 High-Stall, Lock-Up Torque Converters

Part Numbers: #457000 (3100-3200 RPM Stall); #457010 (3400-3500 RPM Stall); #457020 (3800-3900 RPM Stall)

Street Price: $992.77

Social Media Pitch: TCI Ford 6R80 High-Stall, Lock-Up Torque Converters feature increased stall speeds & lock-up clutch torque capacity + allow for stall changes

Features & Benefits:

  • Increased stall speed over stock improves vehicle launch & overall performance w/ no tuning required
  • Triple-Disc lock-up assembly handles more torque & dissipates heat better than stock
  • Billet bolt-together design is fully serviceable, allowing end-user to easily make stall speeds at home
  • 3 Stall speeds available – 3100-3200, 3400-3500 & 3800-3900 RPM – custom options also are offered

View the PDF: TCI Ford 6R80 High-Stall, Lock-Up Torque Converters