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TCI Governor Covers

Ashland, MS – Brand new TCI Governor Covers are designed to replace stock covers that can quickly become both rusty and dented.

The transmission governor is connected to an automatic transmission’s output shaft and regulates hydraulic pressure based on vehicle speed, contributing to when the transmission shifts. The governor cover conceals the hole where the governor is located and holds it in place on the transmission. However, most enthusiasts use stock covers that are old, rusty and feature dents from years of abuse. As a result, TCI has introduced the aftermarket’s only stainless steel governor covers. The stainless steel design prevents corrosion and provides a more aesthetically pleasing look than stock options. TCI Governor Covers are built for both TH350 and 700R4 transmissions and are available in two styles— an exact replica of OEM covers or stamped with the brand new TCI logo. Each cover ships with a rubber o-ring gasket to ensure no leaks after installation.

Quick Facts
coverProduct: TCI Governor Covers
Part Numbers: #316860 (w/logo); #316861 (w/o logo)Street Price: $8.60 (#316860); $7.69(#316861)
Social Media Pitch: New TCI Governor Covers feature stainless steel construction to improve appearance & prevent corrosion
Features & Benefits:
•Replace old, rusty covers with a new, more aesthetically pleasing option
•Stainless steel design prevents corrosion
•Options available with and without TCI logo to work with any application