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TCI High Torque Starters

Ashland, MS – High torque starters from TCI are built to make more cranking power than stock to effectively fire up your high performance engine time after time.

Many performance applications demand a great deal of torque for cranking, however, if your starter isn’t up to the task that high-powered engine might not start at all. That’s why TCI offers high torque starters for a wide variety of street performance applications. TCI High Torque Starters are OEM-remanufactured units with four full fields of windings and high temperature solenoids. Producing 20% more cranking power than stock, TCI High Torque Starters are resistant to heat created by performance exhaust headers and are designed to take repetitive cranking without failure. These starters are available for most popular Ford and GM performance power plants.

Quick Facts

Product: TCI High Torque Starters starter
Part Number: Application Specific
Street Price: $187.50 – $212.50
Social Media Pitch: TCI High Torque Starters produce more cranking power thank stock to repeatedly start high performance engines without failure
Features & Benefits:
•Four fields of windings & high temperature solenoids are built to last, even in extreme starting conditions
•20% More cranking power than stock takes repetitive cranking without failure
•Resistant to heat from performance exhaust headers
•Available for most popular Ford & General Motors performance applications