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TCI Unveils New Logo To Cap Off 45th Anniversary

Ashland, MS – TCI Auto has unveiled a brand new company logo intended to celebrate its 45 years of excellence in the drivetrain industry and update its image for the years to come.

TCI New Logo

TCI’s New Logo

According to TCI product manager Scott Miller, “When choosing to re-design a logo that has a design that is internationally known and has been for decades, we had to be careful not to completely lose our identity, but at the same time come up with a logo that would appeal to a new generation of automotive enthusiasts.” Boasting a sleeker and more modern look and feel than the previous design, the new logo removes the bright yellow and deep red color palette of its predecessor in favor of slanted, grey lettering and a lighter, three-dimensional take on the red TCI arrows of the old logo. The oval border of the previous logo has also been removed to make for a cleaner, sleeker design that will provide a progressive look while maintaining the brand integrity that TCI has cultivated over the last 45 years. Even though the logo has changed, users can still expect the same quality service from the knowledgeable TCI staff. Be sure to look for the new logo to begin appearing on all newly released TCI products in the months ahead, as well as being retrofitted to existing product over the next 12 months.