2019 COMP Performance Group Interns, The Future Of The Automotive Aftermarket

A special thank you to our 2019 Interns for all their hard work this summer!

Robert Fisher, Marketing Intern

Robert is a Marketing and Logistics major at the University of North Florida. He is on target to graduate in the spring of 2020. He joined us in early June, where he has been working with our web team on a massive overhaul of the CPG branded websites. “We are very thankful for Robert’s contribution to this project. The work he has done will have a huge impact on our web presence and overall customer experience. He is super sharp, detail oriented, has an incredible work ethic and has eagerly taken on new tasks and challenges during his brief time here. He has been a joy to work with and has bright future to look forward to,” said Marketing Operations Manager, Meri Beth Rein. Robert also spent some time shadowing Contingency Coordinator Billy Carroll at local racing events where he was able to interact with racers, series, and track officials and get a feel for how the contingency program works. “Robert is an intelligent young man with a lot of potential. I really enjoyed getting to introduce him to some of our customers and industry veterans,” said Billy. “I think I speak for the entire department in saying his contribution this summer has been invaluable.”

Richie Leyton, Engineering Intern

Richie Leyton is a Mechanical Engineering student at University of South Florida, who also graduates in the spring of 2020. Richie has spent his time at CPG helping the FAST® ECU Team with refining engine tuning options for the FAST® ECU. He has also helped out the Valvetrain Team on enhancements to the design of the Gen III/IV HEMI lifter. “Richie has done a great job assisting both our engineering team and the FAST ECU Team. He has shown an excellent work ethic contributing to multiple projects on several product lines. Richie’s inquisitive personality and attention to detail has been a wonderful resource for the engineering department,” offered Chris Potter, Mechanical Engineering Manager. “He has gained important experience in customer service, Computer Aided Drafting, problem solving, and interfacing with the personnel on the shop floor. These real world experiences will allow him to have a solid leg up on his classmates upon his graduation. Our customers are certainly benefiting from Richie’s contributions to our team.”

Charlie Morris, Research & Development Intern

Charlie is a Mechanical Engineering major at the University of Memphis. He too will graduate in the spring of 2020. This is Charlie’s second summer as a full time intern. He will also be working with us part-time during the academic year. He has been a vital asset in R&D, learning the ins-and-outs of Spintron testing, including engine assembly, data collection, and new product evaluation. He has been busy the last two seasons learning how to test and ensure that new products are fully vetted according to our high quality standards. “Charlie has been an invaluable resource for our engineering and R&D team. He is passionate about the hot rod industry and it shows. His work can directly be seen in the number of quality new products COMP has and will release this year.”

If you are passionate about automotive performance and have a desire to live out your passion, send a resume to careers.cpg@gmail.com or visit our job board at http://jobs.compperformance.com/