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Robert Pyne Drives His ’56 Chevy With Help From FAST EZ-EFI

A while back, a stellar crop of Tri-Five Chevrolets (’55 – ’57) visited COMP Performance Group world headquarters in Memphis for a quick morning coffee and tour.

Customer Spotlight: Harry Henke’s Inglese-injected ’65 Chevy

Harry Henke and Tony Thoman from Ontario stopped by in this Inglese-injected ’65 Chevy pickup.

Customer Car: Cool Hemi Coupe

Another cool customer stopped by the COMP Cams world headquarters in Memphis and let us check out his car.

Brad Mueller Is Short Track Racing’s Version Of The Two-Way Player

Drivers like Jeff Purvis, who has wins in the most prestigious races on both dirt and asphalt, the World 100 and Snowball Derby, respectively, are now few and far between.

The COMP Cams Camaro Returns!

In 1975 Scooter Brothers raced a ’69 Camaro to a class victory at the US Nationals in Indianapolis.

A Look Back: Emily Williams Reeves Tours TCI

A look back to the time when Emily Williams Reeves toured TCI Automotive‘s headquarters in Mississippi.

Speed Secrets: Cam Swapping Your 3/4 Small Block Chevy

Richard Holdener tells you what you need to know about cam swapping your 4.3-liter V6 in this video of Speed Secrets.

Jessi Combs: A Legend Lost Too Soon

Photos from JessiCombs.com and Instagram @thejessicombs The ‘fastest woman on four wheels,’ has died in a land-speed accident at...

VIDEO: COMP Cams Parts Help to Update Mopar Slant-Six

The 225 cubic-inch Dodge slant-six engine is rearguard by the automotive enthusiast community as a virtually indestructible engine. This popular colt engine...

5,000 and Counting: Larry Shaw Race Cars Force to be Reckoned...

Larry Shaw is in a class of his own. Racers running his chassis have been saying that for years, as week after week, builds from Larry Shaw Race Cars reach Victory Lane all across America.