Low Shock Technology in Your LS Camshaft

To get you around all of that wasted time, money, and effort, the genius engineers at COMP Cams® have created COMP Cams® LST™ Camshaft Packages for GM LS engines.

Complete Gasket and Hardware Cam Install Kits for LS Engines

COMP Cams® Cam Install Kits are the most complete gasket and hardware solution and are available for LS, LS9, Single-Bolt LS with and without VVT or AFM and LT1/LT4 engines.

Valve Spring Upgrade for Your LS6 Cam Swap

Cams® has got you covered with their COMP Cams® Beehive™ LS6+ Valve Springs for GM LS Engines.

Max Lift Springs for an Extreme LS7/LT1/LT4 Valve Train

Whether you’re building a race engine or high performance street machine, COMP Cams® .700" Max Lift Dual Valve Springs for GM LS7, LT1 & LT4 Engines offer your build max strength, durability, and valve train stability.

LS Thumpr Cams for Power and Sound

COMP Cams® Thumpr™ Camshaft Packages for GM LS Applications are perfectly matched for maximum horsepower and dependability with an outstanding Thumpr sound.

High-Lift from Dual Valve Springs for Race Applications

Extreme racing camshafts require valve springs that are just as extreme. COMP Cams® 1.550" High Lift Dual Valve Springs for Racing Applications are up to the task

Bend the Rules, Don’t Break Them with The COMP Cams® Hustler™...

COMP Cams® Hustler™ Camshafts for GM 603/604 Crate Engines sound as close to factory as possible, as to not tip anyone off that you may be bending the rules.

COMP Cams® Hustler™ Pushrods for GM 603/604 Crate Engines

To complement the Hustler™ Camshafts and Lifters for the GM 603/604 crate engines, COMP Cams® introduces Hustler™ Pushrods that look stock but offer superior performance in race applications with tight rules packages.

COMP Cams® Performance Lash Adjusters for Ford Modular 3 Valve...

COMP Cams® extends its line of Performance Lash Adjusters to include Ford Modular 3V applications.

COMP Cams® Sportsman .904” Solid Roller Lifters for GM LS Engines

COMP Cams® adds larger .904” diameter Sportsman Solid Roller Lifter option for GM LS engines to premium quality lifter offering.