Highest Accuracy Magnetic Crank Trigger Kits by FAST®

These kits are superior to any other brand on the market.

Cut-to-Fit FireWires for Your Custom GM Build

The highly advanced FAST® FireWire® spark plug wires offer you cut-to-fit convenience with high-performance characteristics in a 9mm wire with 15 ohms of resistance.

Made for Boost: FAST® LSXHR™ 103mm Intake Manifold

Rated for up to 45 PSI of boost, the FAST® LSXHR™103mm Intake Manifold was created with boosted applications in mind and even has two nitrous nozzle bosses per runner for clean and easy direct port system installations.

FAST® 102mm Big Mouth Throttle Body™ Now Available In Black

Designed to maximize performance upgrades on all GM Gen III and Gen IV engines with cable driven throttle bodies, the FAST® 102mm Big Mouth Throttle Body™ is now available with an anodized black finish.

SEMA Show 2019: The Cars, The Products, The Fun!

The show itself was filled with interesting booths and wild cars! Check out just a small selection of the massive show...

FAST® Temp Sensor & Converter Kits

Memphis, TN – The FAST® Temp Sensor & Converter Kits provide a simple and cost effective way...

FAST® Wireless Air/Fuel Meter Kits

Memphis, TN – The state-of-the-art FAST® Wireless Air/Fuel Meter Kits measure your engine’s air/fuel ratio with precision...

FAST® XFI Sportsman™ Fuel Injection Kit for GM LS Applications

Memphis, TN – The FAST™ XFI Sportsman™ Fuel Injection...

FAST® XFI Street™ EFI System with EZ-EFI® Throttle Body

Memphis, TN – The latest fuel injection kit from FAST® combines the advanced PC tunability of the XFI Street™ ECU with the...

FAST® XR Series Ignition Coils for 2006+ Dodge 5.7L-6.4L Hemi Engines

Memphis, TN – FAST® adds to the XR Series Coil line with coil-on-plug setups for 2006+ Dodge...