Made for Boost: FAST® LSXHR™ 103mm Intake Manifold

Rated for up to 45 PSI of boost, the FAST® LSXHR™103mm Intake Manifold was created with boosted applications in mind and even has two nitrous nozzle bosses per runner for clean and easy direct port system installations.

FAST® Precision-Flow™ 242 lbs/hr High-Impedance Fuel Injectors

New FAST® Precision-Flow™ 242 lbs/hr High-Impedance Fuel Injectors deliver improved idle quality, throttle response and flow consistency in any EFI engine.

FAST® XR Series Ignition Coils for Ford Modular and Coyote Engines

Memphis, TN – FAST® adds to the XR Series Ignition Coil lineup with coil-on-plug setups for modern...

FAST XR-i Points Conversion Kit Improves Classic Vehicle Performance, Drivability

Memphis, TN – Users can benefit from modern day, digital technology with the FAST XR-i Replacement Module included in a new points conversion kit. This...

FAST E7 Programmable Ignition with I-COM Software

Memphis, TN – The FAST® E7 Programmable Ignition delivers the kind of power and precision required when dealing with the high compression, screaming RPM...

FAST Engine Transplant Kits for Ford Coyote Engines

FAST has assembled an easy-to-install engine control package for Ford Coyote engine transplants.

FAST XDi Race Cam Sync Distributors Provide Accurate Signal

The new FAST XDi Race Cam Sync Distributor is an easy solution for those looking to provide an accurate cam sync signal to their aftermarket...

Cut-to-Fit FireWires for Your Custom GM Build

The highly advanced FAST® FireWire® spark plug wires offer you cut-to-fit convenience with high-performance characteristics in a 9mm wire with 15 ohms of resistance.

FAST Die Cast Four Barrel Throttle Body

Memphis, TN – This stylish new four barrel throttle body from FAST is intended for 4150-flange, multi-port EFI manifolds and incorporates vital EFI sensors. Designed...

FAST® EZ-EFI® -6AN Fuel Return Line Fitting

If you find yourself making the switch from a carburetor to fuel injection, you will need to add a return fuel line...