COMP Cams® Hustler™ Pushrods for GM 603/604 Crate Engines

To complement the Hustler™ Camshafts and Lifters for the GM 603/604 crate engines, COMP Cams® introduces Hustler™ Pushrods that look stock but offer superior performance in race applications with tight rules packages.

New CPG Products In Stock & Ready To Ship

COMP Cams® Spring Seat Cutters Spring Seat Cutter 1.34" O.D. (For 0.500" Guide) Part # 4671 Spring Seat Cutter 1.34" O.D. (For 0.560" Guide) Part #...

FAST® 102mm Big Mouth Throttle Body™ Now Available In Black

Designed to maximize performance upgrades on all GM Gen III and Gen IV engines with cable driven throttle bodies, the FAST® 102mm Big Mouth Throttle Body™ is now available with an anodized black finish.

TCI® Externally Balanced Small Block Ford to GM Transmission Adapter Flexplates

Ashland, MS – With the new TCI® Ford to GM Adapter Flexplates, it is now possible to...

COMP Cams® HRT™ Turbo & Supercharger Camshafts for Dodge Gen III...

COMP Cams® expands their Dodge 5.7L-6.4L HEMI camshaft selection with optimized HRT™ Turbo & Supercharger Camshafts, utilizing their advanced Low Shock Technology lobe designs in order to make more power and increase valve train stability.

TCI® Outlaw™ Off-Road Shifters

Readily access reverse or rapidly rock between first and reverse with the TCI® Outlaw Off-Road Shifter.

FAST® Precision-Flow™ 242 lbs/hr High-Impedance Fuel Injectors

New FAST® Precision-Flow™ 242 lbs/hr High-Impedance Fuel Injectors deliver improved idle quality, throttle response and flow consistency in any EFI engine.

COMP Cams® Micro Surface Enhancement™ Camshaft Upgrade

Micro Surface Enhancement™, standard on all GM LS camshafts, is now being offered as an upgrade option on any COMP Cams® custom grind roller camshaft.

FAST Gen V LT1 Spark Plug Wire Sets Provide 5-Minute Ignition...

New FAST FireWire spark plug wire sets make it easy for owners of Gen 5 LT1-powered Camaros or Corvettes to upgrade their ignition in just 5 minutes.