TCI® Outlaw™ Off-Road Shifters

Readily access reverse or rapidly rock between first and reverse with the TCI® Outlaw Off-Road Shifter.

TCI® Triple-Disc, Bolt-Together Torque Converter for GM 4L80E Applications

The TCI ® Triple-Disc, Bolt-Together Torque Converter for GM 4L80E offers DIY service & WOT lock-up in high-HP engines.

TCI® Wireless EZ-TCU™

TCI® Wireless EZ-TCU makes it even easier to control your transmission and even remotely disable it to prevent auto theft.

Raising the Bar for Fuel Flow with FAST® Precision Flow Injectors

When your engine needs big fuel flow, FAST® is here to help with their High-Impedance Precision-Flow™ Fuel Injectors that deliver a whopping 242 lbs/hr flow.

TCI® Steel Transmission Crossmembers

TCI® steel crossmembers are an easy bolt-on for increased transmission support in high-performance applications.

High-Performance Transmission Support with TCI® Steel Transmission Crossmembers

TCI® Steel Transmission Crossmembers give you the best option for bolt-on transmission support.

Ultimate Transmission Control with TCI® TCU 2.0™

When you need better control over your transmission, TCI® TCU 2.0™ offers you the best transmission programming and a high level of versatility from your laptop.

Quick Off-Road Shiftin’ with TCI® Outlaw™ Off-Road Shifters

The TCI® Outlaw™ Off-Road Shifters has been made to specifically cater to the needs of the off-roading driver.

High-Performance Triple Disc Converters for 4L80E from TCI®

The new bolt-together, triple-disc torque converter is ideal for WOT lock-up applications.

Ultimate Wireless Transmission Control From TCI®

When you have the power to remotely control and view important data coming from your TCU, you will never go back to the old fashion way.