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The 1,000-HP Cam: Turbo LS Power

Is there a magic cam that will allow you to make 1,000 turbocharged hp? Yes, lots of them!

Speed Secrets: How Well Does a Big Block Ford Respond to...

While the Big Block Ford might not have the popularity of other platforms, it’s durable and inexpensive to work on. Richard Holdener puts a BBF to the test with a few modifications to see how well it responds on this episode of Speed Secrets.

COMP After Hours: Loophole Monte Carlo Gets Diablo Shifter

While building our “Loophole Monte Carlo” for an indexed class, we knew the column shifter had to go. Enter the new Diablo shifter from TCI Automotive.

COMP After Hours: Project Loophole Monte Carlo

Ever wonder what goes on at COMP Cams after hours?

Low Buck DIY: LS Springs on LT1 Heads for More Lift

Modifying heads to accommodate higher valve lift can seem like a daunting task. However, with a little knowledge and the right tools, it can...

Speed Secrets: 408 Fast Intake Test

What’s the difference between the FAST LSXR and single plane intake? Richard Holdener explains in this episode of Speed Secrets. 

COMP Cams How-To Video: Set Pre-Load With Non-Adjustable Rockers

Memphis, TN – In this video from COMP Cams, viewers can learn exactly how to set pre-load with non-adjustable rocker arms. Many applications today use...

Speed Secrets: How to Choose a N/A Camshaft

Richard Holdener explains how to choose camshafts for naturally aspirated engines in this episode of Speed Secrets.

New Life for an Old Deere

New life for an old Deere! David J. Kepner brings FAST EFI to old tractors.

EZ-EFI Fuel System Still Simple, In Demand

New technology often comes and goes, being replaced with the next latest and greatest advancement.  But, Fuel Air Spark Technology’s EZ-EFI Fuel system is...