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Product Installs & Testing Articles

FAST Technology Explained Video: EFI Terminology

Memphis, TN – The latest video from FAST provides an overview of a variety of terms and phrases commonly associated with electronic fuel injection. As...

Speed Secrets: How Well Does a Big Block Ford Respond to...

While the Big Block Ford might not have the popularity of other platforms, it’s durable and inexpensive to work on. Richard Holdener puts a BBF to the test with a few modifications to see how well it responds on this episode of Speed Secrets.

The Mean Streets: FAST EFI Upgrade

How do you improve the output and drivability of your SBF? Just add the XFI Street EFI system!

Speed Secrets: Are Cams and Boost a Perfect Match?

Blowers and turbos are installed on a 327 Small Block Ford to see how they pair with a mild COMP cam in this episode of Speed Secrets.

Video: COMP Cams #Techtips Hydraulic Roller Lifters

Billy Godbold of COMP Cams provides a variety of helpful tech tips related to preparing and installing hydraulic roller lifters.

ZEX to the Max

Nitrous oxide is an impressive power adder, offering an unmatched combination of power and pricing.

TCI Quick Tech Video: Transmission Installation Tips

Ashland, MS – The latest Quick Tech Video from TCI offers a variety of simple tips to keep in mind when installing a transmission. Since transmission...

Is Bigger Always Better: 92 vs 102mm Throttle Body Test

The question on the table today, is bigger really better? The quick answer is almost always yes, especially when it comes to things like throttle bodies.

Turbo 5.0 Ford Small Block: Big Power with Small Boost!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1-rmcGBerw The 5.0-liter Ford engine is a favorite of the Speed Secrets crew, so if there’s one...

Fuel Fight: Injectors vs Pump

Increasing the power output of just about any motor is a simple matter of adding boost. A supercharged late-model Hemi is a serious performer, but not without enough fuel.