All About That Base Circle

All you need to know about the base circle!

Our Customers are Saying…

COMP Performance Group loves to hear feedback from its customers, and below are a few recent reviews that made our day.

Product Spotlight on Sportsman Lifters: Tech, Durability and Affordability

COMP Cams has solved the lifter dilemma with its Sportsman Solid Roller Lifters.

Roll With It: Convert a Flat Tappet Camshaft to a Roller

Converting a tried-and-true Small Block Chevy from a flat tappet to a roller camshaft!

COMP Cams Back To Basics Video: 454 BBC Cam Swap

In this video Richard Holdener performs a cam swap in a 454 Big Block Chevy. He provides step-by-step instructions so you can make one, too.

How To Swap An LS Cam

Richard Holdener recently hosted a step-by-step video on swapping a more potent COMP grind camshaft into a stock LS3 crate engine.

Better With Boost: LS Turbo Cam Swap

Even better, the cam swap netted an increase of over 100 hp on this turbo motor, and what turbo LS owner wouldn’t want an extra 100 hp?

Still a Float: SBC Stroker Spring Upgrade

Spring had sprung on our stroker, so it was time for an upgrade!

Dynamic Daily: Dr. Jekyll Meets Mr. Hyde

This is how you make your mild, carbureted 4.8L Dr. Jekyll becomes Mr. Hyde.

The A Team: Cam, Chemicals and Boost

The first step on the road to success with any LS, even a boosted one, is always a cam swap!