Displacement vs Back Pressure

Turbos build boost, but did you know they also build back pressure?

FAST vs Dorman Intake Test

Available for all these years — can any LS intake beat the FAST?

Fast Under Boost: LS Intake Test Part 2

We know from Part 1 that the FAST LSXRT is a serious performer, but how will it perform under boost?

Fast as Ever: LS Intake Test Part 1

With so many intakes now available for LS applications, is a FAST intake still the hot set up?

New Life for an Old Deere

New life for an old Deere! David J. Kepner brings FAST EFI to old tractors.

Bump It Up: The FAST Bump Stager Provides Improved Accuracy On...

Products like the FAST Bump Stager allow drag racers to carefully pulse their vehicles’ transbrake (an internal brake in the transmission that uses hydraulic pressure to lock the driveline until it is released), allowing the car to move forward slowly during staging, creating a higher degree of repeatability than racers are able to achieve manually.

The Importance of Checking EFI Sensors

Here are some ideas on how to check the various EFI sensors from the staff at FAST.

Our Customers are Saying…

COMP Performance Group loves to hear feedback from its customers, and below are a few recent reviews that made our day.

Maximize HP with FAST Interchangeable Runners

In this latest video from Fuel Air Spark Technology, learn how new interchangeable runners for the LSXR and LSXRT 102mm manifolds can boost horsepower by 20 to 35 over original.

FAST™ Fuel Injector Flow Bench

The fuel injector flow bench is a critical piece of equipment for any fuel injector or EFI system manufacturer.