ZEX to the Max

Nitrous oxide is an impressive power adder, offering an unmatched combination of power and pricing.

Fast Under Boost: LS Intake Test Part 2

We know from Part 1 that the FAST LSXRT is a serious performer, but how will it perform under boost?

Fast as Ever: LS Intake Test Part 1

With so many intakes now available for LS applications, is a FAST intake still the hot set up?

COMP After Hours: Loophole Monte Carlo Gets Diablo Shifter

While building our “Loophole Monte Carlo” for an indexed class, we knew the column shifter had to go. Enter the new Diablo shifter from TCI Automotive.

COMP After Hours: Project Loophole Monte Carlo

Ever wonder what goes on at COMP Cams after hours?

Camshaft Heat Treatment Explained

We’ve all heard the term, but have you ever wondered what that heat treatment actually looks like, or how it’s done? Well, you are in luck.

Low-buck DIY: Valve Lapping

Any time you change the seats, re-grind the valves or put new valves into an existing seat, it’s a good idea to lap them in and make sure they are seated.

Low Buck DIY: LT1 Adjustable Cam Gear

When upgrading our LT1 to an LS1-style ignition with the bolt-on kit from EFI Connection, we began installing our camshaft from COMP Cams with the factory cam gear.

Low Buck DIY: LS Springs on LT1 Heads for More Lift

Modifying heads to accommodate higher valve lift can seem like a daunting task. However, with a little knowledge and the right tools, it can be done by most people who know their way around a tool box.

All About That Base Circle

All you need to know about the base circle!