COMP After Hours: Loophole Monte Carlo Gets Diablo Shifter

While building our “Loophole Monte Carlo” for an indexed class, we knew the column shifter had to go. Enter the new Diablo shifter from TCI Automotive. In an afternoon, it was completely installed and giving us better control for the track.

The Diablo shifter is ready to race! We now have an NHRA-legal reverse lockout and a more positive shifting position over our factory column shifter.

The Monte Carlo’s destination is NHRA Stock Eliminator, specifically V/Stock. Cars in this class qualify with at least a 15.50 index and then run heads up within the rules. Our current local record holder runs in the 13-second range. To keep the cars very close to stock, tight class rules mean getting creative with weight elimination and redistribution – hence our bench seat and full carpeting. This makes for racing that is as much fun during the build phase as it is on the track.

While the challenge to stay within the rules, yet run fast is fun, column shifting is not. Our new TCI Diablo shifter was able to be mounted in a more driver-friendly position and ensure there were no reverse-gear surprises when shifting on the track.

The shifter is a versatile one. Options are included for front or rear cable exiting to solve even the trickiest of mounting problems. Switching from a forward shift pattern to a reverse one is as easy as moving an Allen screw, and mounting packages are included for GM three- and four-speed autos, Powerglide, Ford C4/C6, and Chrysler 904/727 transmissions. Installation was straightforward and easy. Pay attention to the cable routing and read the instructions before you begin.

We did space ours up on a bracket carved from a piece of square tubing, to allow a better position. For console applications, the shifter is also available without the exterior housing. Ours has the optional handle buttons that can be used for anything from line locks and transbrakes to nitrous and lasers… well, maybe not lasers. Those aren’t within the class rules.

Follow along through the installation and contact TCI at 1-888-776-9824 or under tech support for answers to any questions.