COMP Cams® HRT™ Cam Packages for Turbo & Supercharged Dodge Gen III HEMI Engines

COMP Cams® HRT™ Cam Packages for Turbo and Supercharged Dodge Gen III HEMI Applications take the guesswork out of choosing the right valve train upgrade package for your specific engine and desired performance.

The Gen III HEMI market is rapidly expanding, and the HRT™ Cam Packages use the newest and most advanced lobe designs from COMP Cams® in order to produce some of the highest average power and torque increases available for turbo and supercharged engines. The “Low Shock Technology” features lobe profiles designed to maximize horsepower while improving stability at higher RPM. These profiles are also easier on the valve springs, enhancing durability and reducing load loss. HRT™ Camshafts receive the proprietary Micro Surface Enhancement™ (MSE) finishing process as a standard feature, which increases strength and performance by reducing surface peak roughness and provides a 250% improvement in the effective load bearing area, allowing for much higher loads.

Organized into stages, these new package options are ideal for serious performance and heavily modified race-oriented builds. The resulting Stage 1 and Stage 2 HRT™ Cam Packages can add over 180+ HP (depending on the application) and are available as a base Cam Kit (CK-Kit) or a more complete Master Kit (MK-Kit).  

CK-Kits include: camshaft, pushrods, valve springs, retainers, valve locks, spring seats, valve seals and shims (2009+ applications only). MK-Kits include everything found in the CK-Kit, plus lifters and either a phaser limiter OR phaser lock (2009+ applications only).

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