COMP Cams® Hustler™ Camshafts for GM 604 Crate Engines

Memphis, TN – COMP Cams® has created a Hustler™ camshaft series featuring two new billet camshafts, as well as two regrind options, for GM 603 and 604 Crate Engines owners wanting to press the rules a bit.

The Stage 1 billet cam is ground to the same factory lobe lift, but with three degrees more duration and a lobe that has more area. A larger version, Stage 2, goes for the throat with the maximum allowable valve lift and seven degrees more duration than the OE cam. They sound about right and check near the max allowable lift at the retainer, but since the camshafts have COMP Cams® markings that could tip off officials, they are only recommended for tracks where the camshaft would most likely not be removed from the engine.

For the hustler who wants to maintain the illusion of a fair fight, COMP Cams® can regrind your factory crate engine camshaft to specs that are technically to print, but may be questioned if inspected in detail. Stage 1 features the same lift as the factory cam, with just a touch more duration and faster ramps for more power.  The Stage 2 regrind further increases lift to the maximum allowable tolerance. These regrind options are ideal if you race at a track with extra curious tech inspectors, as having a factory appearing cam will likely meet with less scrutiny than our off-the-shelf billet cam options.

Quick Facts

Product: COMP Cams® Hustler™ Camshafts for GM 603/604 Crate Engines

Part Number: See Chart

Social Media Pitch: COMP Cams® Hustler™ grinds give your 603 or 604 crate engine a competitive edge when you want to press the rules.

Features & Benefits:

  • Two new billet cams for tracks where the cams are rarely pulled
  • Two part numbers to regrind your factory 603 and 604 crate engine cams
  • With multiple options, you choose how much you want to push the rules

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