COMP Cams® Performance Lash Adjusters for Ford Modular 4.6L-5.4L Applications

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By slowing the leak down rate, the COMP Cams® Performance Lash Adjusters provide more lift and duration while improving valve train stability.

Just like lifters in a pushrod motor, lash adjusters in Ford Modular motors can leak down under high RPM, causing lost duration and lift, as well as more valve train wear. The COMP Cams® Ford Mod Motor Performance Lash Adjusters are engineered to have a slower leak down rate when compared to stock lash adjusters. This provides more lift and duration when aggressive performance camshafts and heavy-duty valve springs are installed.

Additionally, because they better resist collapsing than stock lash adjusters, these Performance Lash Adjusters provide far better valve train stability and high RPM durability. Finally, the black oxide finish prevents rust and corrosion while contributing to increased durability and life span.

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